Introduction of the Fur Variety

So Miss Harper has come home on the 13th and it’s been a week of …well, fun. She’s a great puppy but it’s been a lot with her and then sick kids too.

She is a spicy one and is not afraid to tell you off. Well will be teaching her some manners obviously. She also is lover of belly rubs and will roll over to let you know that’s what she wants. She also will bring her bowl if she’s hungry enough. Def not one to let a meal go by, lol.

Juno, the older dog, is still kinda indifferent. She’s let Harper know she’s crossed lines but never been overtly mean. Cat literally does not want to have anything to do with the fluff ball.

I love her and wouldn’t change it. As to the family, still being kept out in cold. It is what it is. Le sigh…


Aww, she’s so cute!


Hello miss Harper and welcome to your new home! :heart:

She is adorable @Dierna_Nimue_Selene- and it sounds like she is quite the character too! Despite any homecoming crazies, I am sure she will settle in soon enough :dog: :two_hearts:

Good luck and have fun! :blush:


Aww she’s so cute! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

New additions to the fur family are always fun, but you’re right – adjustments are necessary on everyone’s part lol other animals included! We ended up with two extra dogs in the house and my cat at first wanted nothing to do with them and would actively run away from them. Now she’s indifferent :woman_shrugging: I’m sure you know, but it’ll take time and everyone will be okay!


He is adorable!
Really beautiful!


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