Invisibility- for ourselves & our stuff

Caution to people with triggers: contains abuse.

Invisibility is a real thing. It takes a lot of practice, and some people like children will still be able to see through it. Caution: the more one practices, the more one finds oneself alone, which may not be a good thing when help is needed. Call this a form of energy work.

Let’s get certain blocks out of the way, first. Most people hold their breath or think strongly,“not there!” when someone is looking near something one wants to keep private. This is an energy which can actually lead the searcher directly to hidden items. Movies capitalize on victims looking directly toward what they want to keep hidden, letting the abusers know where something is. Learn to control these automatic impulses.

The energy work begins with meditation- lots of it. I used to meditate myself to sleep by imagining what the bed or chair beneath me felt like- as if the object had a personality. I’d find myself sinking into the furniture. In dangerous situations, I’d hide in a closet or under a bed and imagine myself as part of whatever I found around me: clothes, boxes, luggage, whatever. Hide and Seek became a game no one wanted to play with me because they really couldn’t find me. They gave up.

As I got older, the meditation flowed more. I found myself imagining myself as part of the walls when I walked down hallways. I could then walk around stores wearing tin cones on a dangling purse, making all kinds of noise, and still not be noticed. I remember surprising a cashier by “appearing out of nowhere” with a question in an otherwise empty store.

When I moved into my own apartment, I realized my needs changed. I wanted to hide my phone number from abusers and my door from their memory. I imagined my favorite color as a shield around my phone and my door as needed. Then I’d imagine the color to blend into the color of the wall so my door would disappear or the color of the abuser’s phone so they would forget to call me.

Other objects could be coated with my color and blend into their surroundings as well, but the image had to be refreshed every time I used the object. I once forgot and found my mother outside my workplace, screaming at me that if I ever published my diary, she’d sue me for defamation. She wanted me to write her side of the story, not my own.

Please note that this energy work must be done before anything happens. If someone is yelling at you, it’s too late: they already know where you are. No amount of wishing can make you disappear in some form of portable hole when you need it most.

If you hear an abuser walk angrily into the house while you are unseen in another room, you may have a few moments to disappear or cast a calming spell on them so they forget to look for you. A focus spell is good, here, to create an energy vortex they will naturally focus upon- like the mail or some form of calming entertainment. While their attention is on something else, you might be able to slip past them to safety if you refuse to look at them in fear (another energy draw). Always look toward the intended route and focus on silence. Escape can cause other issues in some cases, so use with caution.

Make sure to use Invisibility for self defense. Such innocence is sensed and respected by the Universe. Any other use causes its own karma.


That is very interesting information. I used to disassociate and this was one of my defense mechanisms. I would disappear into a picture. This was to avoid feeling pain from an abuser. I like how you use colors.
Also, I completely understand how the other side wants their story told which would be okay if they would stop leaving out the important details that’s something my mother always did.

Blessed Be


First of all, I’m sorry that you were put in situations like that where you felt you needed to be invisible. I understand why you did so, but it’s still sad to think about. :people_hugging: Second, I love how you used the invisibility and your energy in your favor. Using your favorite color to shield your home and other objects is such a good idea!

I hope I don’t ever have a reason to use something like this, but I’ll be tucking away your ideas just in case :heart: