Is Hekate reaching out to me?

I hope this is the right section to post this. the last couple of weeks I’ve been having strange dreams. In these dreams I’ve been finding frogs, butterflies and moths. I’m the last one I had, my phone was ringing and the contact displayed Hekate.
I started doing a small amount of research on her, but I’m just really confused as to if it was her. I’ve tried doing pendulum readings as well, they’ve come back as yes. But I don’t ‘feel’ her energy like some others have described.
Any ideas? Or has anyone else experienced something similar?


This is so exciting! :heart_eyes:
I’d try doing some more research on her, light candles and leave some offerings on your altar - meditate with her in mind, say devotionals to her.

Try to connect some more - sounds to me like she is reaching out or something in you is reaching out to her! Strengthen that bond!
Let us know how it goes! :heart:

There is a really good book called Keeping Her Keys by Cyndi Brannen all about Hekate that I would recommend. She also has a YouTube and blog called Keeping Her Keys if you want to search her out. It might help you find your path. Hope this helps!


@stefani, from what I am reading in your post it seems that your intuition is speaking to you loud and clear! You’re drawn to her. Trust the process and move forward. If it turns out that the decision wasn’t great, you can always switch.

Everyone’s relationship with deities is different so expect to have your own experiences. Nobody can tell you how it will go.

She is a goddess of crossroads and openings. Open yourself up to communication. :candle: Light a candle and some frankincense and say thanks for coming to you and for communicating with you. Explore the dark and mysterious, and face your fears.


Thank you guys! Im going to trust the process and begin further research on her and begin to set up an altar space for her!
Blessed be!


You’re very welcome!! Blessed Be and Good Luck in your exploration. Let us know what you discover!! :pray: