Is It A Sign? 🤔

In the witch group I run I always see people asking “Is it a sign?”

Here are my thoughts on that subject. :slight_smile:

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!


I completely agree that not everything random or odd that comes across our path is a sign of something else or from some other force/entity. But I feel like if something happens or appears significant to you then by all means take it as you see/feel it to be/mean. The number 5 is everywhere for me, so it has become my number that I feel is a sign in various situations. Crows also seem to find my eye when I am out and about, but I am not quick to assume they are a sign of being my spirit animal or an ominous vision, instead I thank them for allowing me to see them and I appreciate the freedom they have to soar the skies. Maybe it’s my gratitude that keeps them returning to my sight… :smiley:
Great Topic and Podcast @SilverBear


I fall into this line of thinking, too. Usually random things happening aren’t signs but if something feels significant in my gut, even if it’s just the first occurrence, then I take that as a sign for sure.


“Is this a sign?” is definitely a popular question that we see a lot around here- this is a great topic for a podcast! :raised_hands: Whether it is a dream or something out of the normal (for better or for worse :bird: :poop: :laughing: )

I definitely agree that not everything has magickal significance and is a “sign”, and I think setting guidelines is a great idea- having a definition like things that repeat, or happen after you’ve asked for them, or direct results of spellwork, etc. That being said, I do think even something that happens just one time, if it feels powerful enough to the observer, could be a sign. I agree that it does eventually fall on the observer to dechiper their own encounters/signs :grinning: :+1:

Thanks so much for this great topic, @Silverbear! :heart:


Thank you for this, this is relevant for me right now.

Often at work, others ask me if X is a sign that they shouldn’t do something. I usually respond that it might also be a sign that you have to work harder to get what you want. It might be a sign that you need to be persistent and that nothing is given to you. Signs abound, but at least in my life, their meanings are not generally clear. Though I am still working on developing my intuition, so perhaps that’s the explanation in my case.

FYI, your reference to 1111 is the third one I have come across in as many days. Ususual for me.


Maybe that’s YOUR sign! :upside_down_face: :grin: