Is it just a coincidence?

I was cutting Hawthorne branches today.
I decided to carve a piece of wood, and this was the result(not finished yet).

I didn’t want the finished item to look like a Y!
Y in antiquity has often represented a “bivium”( a fork in the road). A point in life where we have to make a vital decision.
Y: 25th letter of the alphabet(2+5=7).
I am number 7.
Y Also: foretelling some spiritual changes to take place. In which case, any decisions you make at this time are in resonance with your true spirituality. Y, is also a representation of conclusions and personal illumination.
In old times people were crucified on a cross in Y shape!
Now, I turn the piece around, and almost perfect (“Y”) every time🙏
The name Yolanda, is from Greek origin, it means, violet flower.
I tossed the dice:


I thought you were making a dowsing rod!



@Franciscon got larger pieces for that. Incidentally it was used as a pendulum, and seen my dad once using it to find a source of water before building a well.
The piece of wood is same size you see in the picture.
I was trying to make a stand to rest a
kitchen laddle or stand for a tealight; or trivet!


Nice!! I’d love to see photos of how it looks when finished!

The dice you rolled have a very interesting message. I see the 9 of gift and talent, serving humanity with Pisces (Venus et Cupido) the fish of Divine Love, while working with the eternal cycles of the Moon. With today’s New :new_moon: and early Crescent Moon as witness, I think that’s not a coincidence, the Y there is YOU!!


That’s another way to put it, thanks.


I am still buying tools to work the cut wood.
I felt sad when Chis coppiced the tree so hard.
I wanted to put as much as possible to good use.
There was a queen bumblebee searching for a nesting site in the garden, will use twiggs and hay to build her a nest.


I’m sure the bumblebee will appreciate it, just in case I found an article with ways to support queen bumblebees. Your casa is their casa!


@Francisco. Wanted a beehive, but can not have it.
Instead helping bumblebees and expect nothing in return.
Well, they are gorgeous and clumsy!
I love the sound they make.