Is permission always necessary?

Hi Lovely people, hope you have had great festive season! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I need some advice please. Is it always necessary to get someones permission to perform a spell for them? I would really like to do a self confidence spell for someone I know who is really struggling at the moment, he is not a believer in spells etc, and would laugh it off, so I’m not too keen on asking him. I personally can’t see the harm as i’m doing something to help him not harm him. Should I go ahead or not?
linda X


@linda20 thats up to u.

I personally dont always ask. If i know the person needs it, ill do it anyways. Unless they have told me that they absolutely dont ever want me doing spells for them.


See, I would ask if I could at least help him with his self-confidence first. There are plenty of mundane things you can do to help them, so you could do that in addition to a spell if he says yes.


Honestly as a witch i would be over the moon there i someone out there who cares so much as to go and want to do a spell on me but as you said he may laugh it off i get why you are wanting to do it without asking. I mean to me it seems you are doing it totally for their benefit and i not done for something like self-gain as in a love spell so i would say go with your gut and if it were me i would do it.


I agree. I kind of see it like praying for someone. I pray for lots of people without asking them!


Thank you so much! I agree with you, I would be very happy if someone was to do a spell to help me, thanks for your feedback :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Greetings @linda20,

That’s a really great question, and I can see you’ve already got some wonderful feedback from the coven! :blush:

The thing about getting permission/casting on others is that there are no hard and fast rules around it (unless, of course, you follow a tradition with strict ethical guidelines and rules). If you’re Eclectic/don’t follow a tradition, it’s all a matter of defining and sticking to your own code of witchy ethics.

And honestly, even within traditions witches will vary on their interpretations- one could say that, since the Wiccan Rede says “And harm ye none, do what ye will”, that there is no need to get permission from others so long as your spell would not cause any harm. But others may say that the caster cannot possibly know all outcomes of casting a spell that may be unwanted, so they interpret the Rede to mean to never cast without first getting explicit permission from the recipient.

To each witch their own! :mage: :sparkles:

I’m a big fan of positive spellwork- it sounds to me like you are really thoughtful and caring to want to help him with this spell! :grinning:

To decide whether or not to cast, I’d suggest you meditate on your own ethics (or, if you haven’t take the time to outline them yet, put a list or journal together to help guide you) and then take some time to put yourself in his shoes and work through the situation that way- would you feel that your privacy or control was invaded with the spell? Or would you feel happy and cared for?

Just a few thoughts for you to consider. Whatever you choose to do, wishing you all the best!

Blessed be :heart:


Hey Linda!

You’ve asked a great question, one that people either have strong feelings about or are indifferent about. You’ve already gotten some great advice so I’ll just give you my own thoughts, too.

I’ve flipped back and forth between yes it’s always necessary, no it’s never necessary, and well it’s sometimes necessary. I don’t know if I will ever have my mind fully made up, if I’m being honest, because it will always depend on what’s going on at the time.

Obviously if I’m casting baneful spells I’m not going to ask the person for permission to cast the spell on them :sweat_smile: when it comes to protections, healing, etc. I tend to feel the person out before casting anything, especially if the other person is also a witch. Witches and other magical people generally have protections and energies around them to keep unwanted spells and energies out. If I feel protections or resisitance then I stop. If I don’t, then I continue.


@AileyGrey EXAXTLY!!! Same thing.

@linda20 as long as what u are doing doesnt distrupt is life or take away his freewill i personally dont see an issue. And view it like Ailey said, its like saying a prayer for that person.


@MeganB ditto, especially with the banefuls and for other magikal beings.


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