Is there a type of place where you can connect to the deities better?

I know many people have no issues communicating with there deities but is there a place you feel most connected to them. For me personally its the forest.


Me it’s looking at the clouds. It’s like the clouds are ‘talking’ to my spirit. I understand them, but I don’t at the same time.


Submerged in the water, either the ocean or my swimming pool :ocean:


I think that it may depend on the deity. Though there may be places or things that can help in general but some deities might be connected more to forests esp if they are earth based deities, some maybe the ocean or water bodies like lakes or rivers if they have a connection to water, maybe just in nature in general there’s connections a plenty, around a campfire or some sort of fire if the deity is connected to fire, out in the sunshine if they are a sun deity, under the moon or night sky if they are connected to moon or stars. If they are connected to animals, spending time with animals that correspond with that deity, or doing tasks that are connected to that deity say if they are connected to herbalism and healing then in the garden growing herbs or in the kitchen using them. If they are a deity connected to the harvest then growing own vegetable or fruit garden or again using these in the garden. If a deity values something like animal protection than bring a part of or supporting a cause that does that can help connect with that deity and I believe they respect that and your honoring them as well. If a deity is connected to a particular animal then connecting or spending time with that type of animal can help and studying why they are connected to that animal or place can create a deeper understanding and connection. I’m not sure if that helps and I hope it made sense. I just rattled off suggestions alot from my own explorations of connecting to and honoring my clan or guardians ( my deities). Maybe something there might spark an idea on the deity your looking at to where can further that connection with them.


For me, it’s in liminal spaces- where things like time and schedules fade away, change is the only constant, and it feels like you stand at a crossroads between worlds. I feel like that sense of difference, of separation from the mundane, makes it easier to connect with other worlds and the divine.

Great question, @Nikita-mikaelson- I’m really enjoying reading everyone’s answers! :heart:

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