Is there any harmless and natural way to release anxiety and overexitement? 1

My best friend owns a dog who is a bit hyperactive and keeps barking all the time. Any sudden movement and he is barking. Any sudden noise and he barks. He has tried dog behaviourists and all sorts but Trigger seems to continue barking. We have tried walking Trigger more but he sleeps for a while and when he wakes up he starts barking again.

Any thoughts?

Blessed be :pray::innocent:


I haven’t had a dog that is like that, but one of my kitties is super anxious and jumpy all the time, so I tried giving him some CBD oil made for cats. It seems to make him less anxious and jumpy, so maybe CBD oil will work for Trigger too? That’s the only thing I can think of other than extra exercise and play time, but it doesn’t sound like that’s worked too well :sweat_smile:


Here’s an e book for a crystal grid that may help:

Also, chamomile, ginger and passion flower is a natural help with relieving anxiety for dogs.


Try this site, they have suggestions for natural remedies :

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