Is there such a thing as "spell overkill"? 🤔

(Continuing the conversation from Successful Travels- I thought this excellent question by @Undomeher should get the attention it deserves in a discussion of its own!)

That’s a really great question! And it’s certainly food for thought :thinking:

I’ve also heard about the “cast a spell and then put it out of your mind” thought process too, which reminds me of that saying that “in order to find something you’re looking for, you need to stop looking for it”. Sometimes it seems like it could be a good idea to give our conscious minds a rest and let the unconscious/universe take over :milky_way: :brain:

That being said, I could also see it as being similar to crafting a sword or weapon- the more time you spend tempering, sharpening, and attuning the blade, the stronger and sharper it will be :crossed_swords: :sparkles: Perhaps, looking at it this way, casting more spells is like adding several layers of protection.

But is there a point where the layers of protection become like a child overwrapped in too many winter garments, to the point where they cannot move? Or like making spiced cider- can you add too many spices to the pot, where it becomes undrinkable? I would say yes, there must be a point where the balance tips- too much of anything (even good things!) is still too much :laughing: (Although I still think it would take a large number of spells to reach this point)

I guess for this question, I’d say lean on your intuition- feel free to pile on the spellwork until it begins to feel overspiced :wink:

Hey, Infinite Roots! :wave: :infinite_roots:

In your practice, do you believe there is such a thing as too many spells?

Really looking forward to hearing everyone else’s thought process about this! :blush:


I ask because I don’t really cast a lot of spells, and so I don’t have enough experience with them to know. It feels to me like there is something to what you have said about too many spices. Or maybe too many cooks, all getting in each other’s way, like Keystone Kops! Either way, it seems like there might be a sweet spot.

This is hard for me. If I care enough to cast a spell, how am I supposed to put it out of my mind!? And if I don’t care enough for it to be on my mind, why bother casting the spell?


I have asked this question to myself, but mainly concerning the tarot. Like, is there such a thing as being “over-read?” The answer to that for me is a definite yes! Since I use tarot for self-reflection and journaling a lot (in addition to asking for advice), it’s hard to know when to draw the line at times and put my cards away. But, in truth, I always know I just ignore that inner voice sometimes! :rofl: Anyway, as far as doing too much spellwork goes, I would say everything in moderation. Also, it depends on what you consider a spell too. I surround myself with protection a lot but don’t consider what I’m doing as a spell. I don’t consider 80% of my meditations as spells either or using my crystals.
I’m looking forward to hearing other people’s thoughts on this too!


Good question! I sometimes tend to obsess or ruminate on things too much, so I accept that something will be on my mind. The key for me is where something lives in my mind. If it’s at the forefront, then it becomes obsessive, and I know I need to let go. When that is the case, I make the decision to move the thought to the back of my mind to let it breathe and trust the universe to take over. :smiley:


Hmm. In that case, it would seem that the spell operates as a ritual that allows you to let it go and trust in the universe. This “clicks” for me. In my job I often tell clients to write their thoughts and feelings down to get them out of their head. Once you have it written, it is stored somewhere outside your head and you don’t have to invest energy in storing it and remembering, freeing you to access other parts of your mind to work with it to achieve some level of resolution. Wow, thank you!


Brilliantly stated, @Undomeher !! And thank you for reminding me to write it down! Even though I journal, I still forget to write many necessary things. Thanks! :heart:


I think the question of overcasting here (which really is a great question, by the way- I feel like we are in a class on “Spell Theory 101” and I love it :grin:) is less about how many spells someone has casted overall and more so about their style of casting.

Perhaps layering on spells of the same type is directly associated with someone’s personality? There will be those who cast one spell and call it a day, while others might back up the original spell with multiple similar spells, and yet others might cast a variety of spells to cover a bit of everything.

Not sure where I’m going with this train of thought, but it’s interesting to consider! :laughing:

It does seem like a paradox, doesn’t it? :thinking: I feel this same sense of struggle when I try to “clear my mind” in meditation. It sounds so simple when people say it, but it’s actually really really hard to not think about something, especially when you are thinking about not thinking about it :joy:

I guess one way to look at this is could be that the universe rewards those of us who can reach that point? That being able to clear your mind and detach yourself from your desires is key to being able to achieve them? Maybe I’m dipping a bit too much into Buddhism here- apologies!

I was actually just reading an old Tarot book that talked about limiting your readings, and agrees with you! :+1: The quote from the book is:

“Remember that the Tarot should not be consulted too often- not more than once every 24 hours. A daily divination cannot be expected to have the same depth of significance as a weekly or monthly spread, but if you choose to work on a daily basis, create a rhythm with your readings.”
-Tarot: A New Handbook for the Apprentice by Eileen Connolly

The point she was making here was the value of having a rhythm, and I wish she went more into details about why she believes Tarot readings should be limited, but it gets the point across- there does seem to be agreement about moderation with the Tarot :grinning:

This is such a great way to explain the benefits of journalling- I never had it laid out like this before, it’s really helpful to see it this way! Thank you for this! :pray::blush:


Maybe we’re writing the Spell Theory 101 class! :grin: For me, repetition helps me get a sense of how things go. So the more I cast I think the better I will understand the process.

@BrightBear @TheTravelWitch I sort of imagine being “over-read” as being like a kid asking too many questions. Imagine Tarot is driving and you’re in the back seat going “Are we there yet?” every other minute. “When’s dinner going to be ready?” My mom used to reply, “When it’s ready.”

This is a fun discussion. Thanks for being a part of it!


Any opinions are mine and mine alone. I’m not in anyway suggesting you change your practice. What I am saying is, “This works for me.”

Hey, Infinite Roots! :wave: :infinite_roots:
In your practice, do you believe there is such a thing as too many spells?

I thought about this one a long time and came to the conclusion that the answer, for me is, no.

Still, you have to consider how much energy you have to go around. I should think that by repeatedly casting for the same thing/reason. You’ve wasted vital energy you could use for, say the healing circle, etc.
When I say “Goddess”, I mean all the Gods/Goddesses, the universe, nature…whatever is your focus of power, has already heard your plea.
Leave it in their Devine hands.
Did you ever take a trip and the kids in the back seat kept yammering. “Are we there yet?” Now multiply that by Trillions. Sometimes I wonder if, like any mother She gets tired of hearing us over and over.
Then from that place in my brain where I receive covert messages
from the the Gods, I heard, “I never get tired of your voices.”

I got teary (cause I’m an old Softy), smiled and said, thank you.
What else was there to say? Thank you…
Garned, the blessed


I believe in the thought of too much of even a good thing is bad and with this stuff well just ask Mikey Mouse I know that for example I have a potential thing that I am removing my protection charm during as I feel that it could possibly interfere with the risks of it my way of removing my own obstacles from the events


I love this!!

Interesting! Thanks for sharing this! I am going to check out that book. While I disagree with her on the one reading per day theory, I understand and respect the value of her thought process. I think we intuitively know when enough is enough. :joy: As a professional tarot reader, I am constantly using my cards, so I do readings for myself (clearing them in between, of course) sometimes. When the answers become muddled and confusing, it’s a clear sign that I am unintentionally choking the energy and not trusting the process. It’s fear-based energy that needs to be addressed immediately to figure out the root cause of my issue. I also feel like there’s a big difference in the energy of consulting the tarot for advice and using it as a tool for self-reflection

I love this!! :heart:

This is a great analogy and speaks to my comment about stifling that energy. It suggests a lack of faith in the universe and the divine. It reminds me of when I’m looking for something. I always do a little magic or chant to help locate the item. Often, though, I am so focused on finding that thing that I forget to listen for the answer! When I relax and allow the information to come through, I find it immediately. And yes, this is a fun discussion! I’m learning a lot!

I love this! The phrase “I never get tired of your voices.” spoke to me on a deep level. :heart:


Ohhhh I love this so much- looks like the Spells8 School of Witchcraft is now in session! :bell: :grin:

(Not gonna lie- I think a “Spell Theory 101”/“Theories of Spellwork” class would be a really fun class to be a part of! Maybe someday~)

A++ analogy right here! :+1: Gosh, looking back at some of my earlier Tarot readings, after I had my first few good ones, I was definitely the kid in the back seat nagging my deck for more and more :joy:

I’m going to keep this visual in mind whenever I’m tempted to go back and ask just that one more question that doesn’t really add anything new to the reading- my Tarot deck thanks you, Ron! :clap: :laughing:

I’m with BrightBear on this one- I’m feeling emotions well up inside me while reading this :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: That is such a beautiful message, Garnet :heart:

It is interesting to consider how spells can interact with one another (especially with long-term things like charms, talismans, and amulets) :thinking:

While I personally don’t think that positive things like protection spells could bring about negative consequences in most other types of spellwork, if you feel that the energies of your protection charm might cause problems then definitely stick to your instincts and do what works best for you! :raised_hands: :blush: Good luck with your spellwork, Jim!

That’s a really great observation, BrightBear! For advanced Tarot readers such as yourself, you’ve worked hard to build a strong connection with your deck and are at the point where you can sense when the reading becomes muddled and it’s time to call it enough for the day :+1: I guess beginners (or even advanced readers working with a new deck) would need to rely on something else… but, just as you say, that’s where natural intuition can step in to say enough is enough :grinning:

You’re very welcome! I haven’t gotten too far into the book (I’m using it more as a reference book than as a reading book haha) and there are definitely some interesting points (as well as some reading spreads and guides that are fascinating) but the author has some… well, hard opinions on things that can be tough for anyone who prefers a more gentle hand of guidance :sweat_smile:

But if you do decide to give it a try, I’d love to hear your personal thoughts on it! :blush:

That makes quite a few of us! :laughing: :+1: Discussions about spell theory and (dare I go so far to say) the philosophy of spellwork really are insightful- it’s fun to dig deep and examine the underlying thought process behind our spellwork!

If anyone comes up with any other deep questions about spellwork (similar to Ron’s great question of “can you do too many spells?”)- feel free to share them in a new post in the forum! There’s definitely at least a handful of us who clearly enjoy these types of chats! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :sparkles:


This is such a good question. I think of this in terms of effectiveness. Too many spells is the point where you are using spells to avoid taking real-life actions and self-examination or if the timing or intention are just not right.

Although I research a lot of spells, I often find myself using Spells8 spells because they are often simple to execute and usually do not require a lot of ingredients or uncommon ones. Like “whole foods” for the spirit. That way, the spell for me is a jumping off point for how I am going to change ME or take steps to change my situaion (“the gods help those who help themselves”).

When I do more than one spell for the same intention, I find I am seeking something above and beyond my intention, like solace or clarity. Or, to be honest, sometimes avoidance of the real work I have to do, but not so much. But that tendency is something I have to watch out for in myself.

That said, I truly love the diversity of magical works. If I can incorporate crystals, herbs, candles, incense, meditation, creativity, invocations, journaling, coloring, etc. around an intention I will. After all, some intentions take many months to achieve so might as well play with all the tools you can! :slight_smile:

I love hearing what people are working and learning to try new things. For instance, this year I tried working with scrying, pendulum and tarot cards. I am looking forward to learning more about runes and Celtic goddesses.

I am so glad when Spells8 provides those journal prompts and coloring pages around esbats and sabbats because that has become such an enjoyable aspect of my practice. And the tea rituals, music videos, and lessons. Just wonderful :slight_smile:


Well, my schedule of courses here at Warthog University (as opposed to the fictional place in Harry Potter…:grin:) would probably read like this:

SPT101 - Introduction to Spell Theory (required for baby witches)
FAB101 - Basics of Magical Tool Fabrication
AST105 - Astrology I ( full year course, AST106 Astrology II next semester!)
DIV100 - Fundamentals of Divination: Runes, Tarot, Ogham and Pendulums (Penduli? Pendulae?)
ESO104 -Esoterica: Herbs, Crystals and Other Magickal Accelerants

:rofl::rofl::rofl:. And yes, I already asked. The Seminar in Sex Magick is already full. :confused:


I don’t really have anything to add to this discussion as my brain doesn’t want to formulate thoughts on the question other than no, there’s no such thing as spell overkill in most circumstances.

I have to say, though, I’ve really been enjoying reading everyone’s thoughts! It’s so interesting to me how magical theory differs from person to person :partying_face:


I really like this, Mary! I think drawing a line at the point where casting spells stops being helpful and actually becomes detrimental to the goal of the spellwork is something most people would agree about :+1: Where that line gets drawn would still vary from person to person (and probably the type of spell as well), so there is still room allowed for adapting this to unique practices.

You worded it really well- thanks for adding this! :blush:

I’m so happy you’ve been enjoying the content on Spells8- I’m really glad these things have been useful in your practice! :sparkling_heart:

I was laughing and had to read your schedule three times- how can this be so funny and yet so perfect at the same time!? :rofl:

I think Astrology could be a degree all its own- there’s so much to cover (and divination too! As for pendulums… no idea about the Latin plural there, we’ll have to conduct a school-wide survey :joy:) And shame about the Sex Magick course… guess seniors (fifth years? seventh years? How many years do you need in magick school?) get priority with choosing electives :laughing:

(I can tell I’m going to be chuckling about this for a while- A++ to you, Ron :joy::+1:)

Thank you for sharing your thoughts! I think questions like this open up Pandora’s Box for some, while for others they have a confident yes or no answer, and that’s great! :blush: I agree 100%- it’s really interesting to learn about (and learn from!) everyone’s different practices and theories of spellwork :hearts:

Thanks again to everyone for jumping in and sharing their thoughts on if there is/isn’t such as thing as spell limitations! :sparkles: