It's all the cat's fault

My 19 y/o went out to dinner with his mother like 2 weeks ago and he’s still there. It’s nothing new, she ups her offers until eventually he gives in and when she gets him there at first it’s a no responsibility vacation and then there’s excuse after excuse why she can’t bring him back. That’s why it doesn’t happen very often. This is this first time in at least 6 months. It wasn’t a big deal when she lived closer but this last time she moved like 45 minutes away and our car is at local driving only status so he’s at her mercy.

2 of our cats live in his room, Cloud - the mostly blind one and Bubbles - the little spaz. My husband had been the one going in to feed them but I went in tonight because I wanted to see Cloud. She is the only cat this Once turned her house into a cat sanctuary, Crazy Cat Lady ever had trouble bonding with. She isn’t allowed in my room because she used to pee under the head of the bed on my side. She tore up my super cute wedge boots, the purse mom gave me, all of my sandals… But since the concussion she softened and I missed the little bitch

I reached down to pet her and saw 2 of my son’s special things on the floor. He’s constantly telling Bubbles to get off his dresser so I wasn’t surprised. I went to put them back and saw the dragon statue that my mother-in-law gave him for Christmas is missing it’s head and a wing. Strangely I can’t find the pieces. My son is very sentimental and has ASD so this is HUGE.

Too late to call my mother-in-law, I did what I do and quickly found it online. I decided to poke around a bit and quickly found half a dozen things I simply cannot live without :laughing: The second my allowance is reinstated I know where I’m going. Huge medical expense next month and then the car so it probably won’t be until April but that just gives me more time to window shop :laughing:

Y’all have to check this out Dark Knight Armory


Lol surrrreeee blame the cat :joy:


I’ve justified shopping on less


They have a section called “Feastware”- like, hello? Yes, please? :pray: :joy:

From Dark Armory

Very fun stuff- I can see why you like it, Nixi! Thanks for sharing the recommendation! :grinning: :sparkles:


Ooo I didn’t get that far. You’re welcome
-Signed Enabler :joy:


@Nixi I’m sorry about what you’re going through! Maybe the cat needs to be cleansed! Or put some selenite or salt in the room.
That website has some amazing stuff!


It just won’t stop. It stopped for a few years but this has been going on for years. I need to cleanse my bio mother and ex-husband out of my everywhere. - abuse and family disfunction - them being a couple before he went back to jail didn’t help matters. I need to get my current husband out of the house for a couple of hours so I can do a smoke cleanse of the whole house. Not to mention my Altar isn’t usable yet and my BoS is in a box on the back deck. :woman_facepalming:t2:

I can probably talk my son into Selenite and I’ll try talking him into the salt. Thanks for thinking for me :laughing: As long as one of us has a functioning brain, we’re good :joy: Ideas for cleansing a cat? I feel like I know this but :leaves: poof

I am so in love with that site


Moved furniture to make a safe accessible spot for my Rollator and they promptly made it their little spot. It was the longest that they’ve voluntarily been out my son’s room like ever

Cloud is in the front and Bubbles, the little spaz is in the back


@Nixi I’d find out what herbs are safe for a cat. Maybe an essential oil. Or steep the herbs like tea. Wait…better yet…salt water! Bless and consecrate with the intention of cleansing. Stick you fingers on it and dab the cat. Idk…just throwing some stuff out there.

My cats sleep on my wheelchair! Then they leave their hair all over it! And my chair is black.


Welp, I found my section :joy:

Thanks for sharing the website! I love it and have found several things to add to my wishlist lol


Me too! :laughing:

Look at all the types of swords. :heart_eyes:


Just popping in for a second to say be very very careful using essential oils around or on cats as many of them are toxic due to their extreme concentrations and the way cats’ livers process toxins. Research very carefully before using them with cats, if at all. What’s safe for us, may not be safe for them.

KK I’m done :laughing:


Yay swords my choice


Ive heard this as well.


I liked these off that page :heart:


Awww look at them, cuddling there so innocently… :smile_cat:

The postage (and customs!) is a bit much to order from here, and that’s probably for the best :joy: Good inspiration though :blush: Black and red always go so nicely together~ :black_heart: :heart:

I’d love a katana too, but please don’t actually give me one, I might become a danger to myself and my environment learning to spin around with it :rofl: :person_fencing:

My girlfriend’s been dreaming about a nice suit of leather armor, maybe she could find something here… :black_heart: I hope she does, I know she’d rock it :heart_on_fire:


@CelestiaMoon That’s some :fire: HOT outfit! I have many other naughty terms but i can’t get blur to work. It’s not even popping up…anyway…NICE!

@Devenne those boots are…I think you know what I mean :smirk: :wink:


Great suggestions @Sivonnah and I can totally relate to the cat hair thing. Cuddling Cloud I realized that my son has not been brushing her and I was covered in cat hair and this crazy cat lady is allergic to cats :laughing: :woman_facepalming:t2:

@MeganB I was actually looking at the necklace and the ring on the bottom. They have some really beautiful things.

@starborn I fell in love with a few of those but there is very little chance that I’d have the willpower to save my allowance for as long it would take :laughing:

@Artemisia I have decided against essential oils, there is just too much contradictory information. Interestingly, I worked for a vet when I was in High School and his secret formula flea dip contained something in the toxic list as well as something with a no skin contact warning for humans. It was used on pretty much every animal in town and I often went home drenched in it with no issues :woman_shrugging:t2:

@Devenne I am so in love with those boots.

@CelestiaMoon I don’t know, the look on Bubbles’ face kinda screams that she needs a good cleansing :joy: She was looking at Magic who was attempting to go down the hallway. She is about 3lbs and Magic around 19 but she owns him.

Is it wrong that I saw that dress and instantly thought of you :rofl:


Awww, not at all, I love it! :joy:

Count on me to pick the sexy one, time after time! :laughing: :heart_on_fire:

Thank you for making me smile :kissing_heart: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Honestly I’ve done the same. Working in the veterinary field for over 20 years, hasn’t made it any clearer to me. I’d rather be safe than sorry as I’d hate to cause my kitties long term damage.