Its only Tuesday 🤣

Dont think i did enough im on verge on handing resignstuon now plus more injuries but pushinh through. .


i fid try this that found on pinterest it seemed to help a lil but im literally shaking. Holding the bag with crystald etc in lap n slightly rocking n shaking n tjen just got asked code for front door i use everydat n couldnt figure out the number. I sigbed in to enter this morning… still have 5 or so hrs to go another few to get home n even if home. . I hanging on, but by a thread the blows keep coming. But im hsnging in but only just.


These are beautiful! :sparkles: :gem: :purse:

Sending love and light your way, Phoenix- may you make it through your day and get home safe to rest :pray: :candle: