Jade plant by your front door

Gardening 101: Jade Plant

There’s a plethora of information on how to get the money plant thriving :smile_cat:


Thanks for sharing, Basil. It looks a lot like my money plant.

I found this video with useful gardening and magick tips for caring: :herb:


@Francisco. Thanks, very interesting!


My mother is a garden and she keeps Jade plants around the house- I agree they help to bring in good energy and luck! :blush::sparkles:

Thanks for sharing, @Basil! :raised_hands:

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Ask your mum for good tips to keep the jade plant happy.


Is this a superstition?
When I was young, mum said that would not get close to plants when having the period, or plants would die.
She wasn’t much of a greenfinger anyway!

Found the answer to this myth.
As I keep saying, ignorance is not bliss!
It’s never too late to find out some hometruths :pray:

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I’ll see if she has any tips about her Jades plants the next time we chat! :grin:

One of my personal favorite plant tips is talking to the plants- they seem to like it, and some studies say it helps plants to grow faster :herb::blush:

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