July Full Moon names

Modern name for the full moon in July is Buck Moon. The names for the moon has many other meanings, here are just a few.

It was called Thunder Moon by Native Americans because of the season and the storms. The East Coast of the US is well known for its thunderstorms. Native Americans didn’t follow a 365 year, they went off the moons and their cycles.

Hindus, Buddhists, and Jains call it the Guru Moon because it’s a time to clear the mind and learn from the Guru or spiritual mentor.

This is the time to clear your mind and open yourself up for a possible learning experience. There will be a lot of spiritual energies filling the air this full moon.


Lovely information about the Buck Moon/Thunder Moon, @Raven-Wolf- thanks for sharing! :deer::zap: :full_moon:

This is an all-around potent moon for spirituality and magick. Wishing everyone a very blessed full moon! :heart:


That’s super interesting, @Raven-Wolf, I didn’t know about the name Guru Moon. I wanted to learn more and I found this article. Guru Purnima 2021

Guru Purnima (Full Moon) is a big celebration! :full_moon:

In India, the day is celebrated by thanking teachers and seeking blessings from them and also by remembering teachers and scholars from history.


@Francisco thats an awesome article! I love how they celebrate the teachers, and mentors! Makes sense since it’s a moon based on knowledge and learning.