Just a quick question

Hello everyone I have a question to ask when doing a ritual do you actually sit inside the salt circle for protection or just make the circle around your altar for protection I’ve only been practicing bath cleansing spells for quite sometime now in I actually love the bath cleansing spells but I want to advance in I didn’t want to do ritual without knowing


Hey Tink, that’s a great question!

Usually, when it comes to rituals with a salt circle, you would be inside the circle of salt as well. However, the salt isn’t always necessary :blush: You can create a circle of protection with energy rather than salt – this is the method I prefer (when I use circles) if I’m outside since salt is bad for the earth.

You can find an easy way to cast a circle of protection on Spells8!
▶️ Easy Circle of Protection Spell – Spells8

In any case, the circle of protection – salt in your question – is meant to act as a barrier and container for any energy you raise and project. When doing a ritual, it would make more sense to have that barrier be around you and your altar/tools/etc. rather than just the altar itself.

I hope that answers your question! :heart:


@MeganB Thank you :smiling_face: that was very helpful I was very confused at first now I understand


You’re very welcome! :heart: I’m glad it was helpful!


@tink u can also use smoke. Thats what i do mostly. Salt is a pain to clean up