Just found out more about family heritage

So at a family gathering my mum n suster in law were discusding the family tree and how my mum was only part german ( smaller than wed thought previously) but also had english heritage ( which we knew) but also heritage from norway and sweeden) my mums joke looking at my older brother with a viking looking beard was to be expected lol, it made so much sense even if he didnt have conscious kbowledge of heritage maybe sometjing unconsciously had been there tgat drew him to that style n the liking viking type things . My mum was explainibg about the celtics moving accross the land to the uk and in my head was thinking yes this is cool ( closest thung to comong out of cupboard as a pagan without saying it that having a conversation about heritage) but also tjibkibg in my head i kbow more about this than you realise mum maybe one day ill ve able to tell you bout it but i joined the conversation enthusiastically keeping my pagan path n practice to myself. We were in a public place ad well. But thinking of the fact that i have 3 norse deities in my clan as well as several celtic deities and add my scottish heritage and what other uk heritage from ancestors and suddenly the cross over between celtic deities and norse deities suddenly excitedly makes so much more sense n having swedish and Norwegian heritage n ancestors maybe just maybe one of tgem may of worshiped tge norse deities. I thought that was cool n maybe once apon a time an ancestor of uk heritage may of worship n followed celtic deities. Its a cool thought. . So i tjought id share. Oh and mum complaining her kids were all heathens as we drunk jacks and coke or cider rather than wine tgat she liked to drink​:joy::joy:. Knowing heathen is sometimes used for those following norse traditions and pantheon i thought that was humerous and that sge had no idea how true that comment was and i feel that now on pagan path tgat cider is a good drink to have as its connected to clan n things they like so not only cause its gluten free but also not too expensive, having cider now n then ( in my mind anyways ) feels in a way that its honoring my clan. N can also be used as an offering too. But yeah now home from family gathering id been reflecting on stuff said n as far as family conversayions go it was one i secretly enjoyed because of references that meant more to me than othets around me realised. It wasnt coming out n being accepted but maybe a way to have a mock experience of what it might of been like to be accepted for the path im on. But for now i feel its still better to keep it to myself. Jokes n conments aside the reality of coming out may be very different when ppl find out how real the reality is.


I think you were smart to keep the deeper traditions to yourself just now, but it must have felt so incredible to even have part of the conversation. Maybe it’s a sign that you’ll get to talk about the rest one day in the not so distant future!


That’s really fun, @Phoenix_Fire- I agree with you that it may not have been the best place or time to reveal your personal path, but how cool to be able to openly talk about your heritage, especially one that you are really proud of! :heart:

And cheers to cider- I don’t drink very much anymore these days, but I do love a good cider! No matter what time of year you drink it, it brings up those wonderful homey autumn feelings :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :apple::fallen_leaf:

Blessed be! :sparkles:


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