Just wanted to share this with yall

Piper decided to go spend Halloween with her dad and half sister after our scare with Rayelynne last night so I could rest (she’s such a great kid… She said “it’s ok mom, no worries, we can do our initiations after sissy is born. Doesn’t mean we aren’t still witches, right?” :grin: She’s wise beyond years and has such a beautiful :heart:) so my sister bought me a small pumpkin to cheer me up and a bag of baby Ruth’s, milky way and mounds bars that she mixed up out of her kids candy they got from the church trunk-or-treat tonight and so Rayelynne and I snacked on chocolate and carved our pumpkin (in bed of course) I just need to figure out how to toast my pumpkin seeds without being out of bed tomorrow. Somehow it’s gonna happen cause I haven’t done it in years and I’ve been looking forward to them for weeks. If only there was a spell for that :rofl: happy Halloween/Samhain everyone.


Aw I wish I could make them for you!! I’d so help you out so you could rest!! Don’t take any chances!! Please protect that baby and don’t scare us. And you’re lucky, you got all the good candies!!!


Happy Halloween to all you lovely ladies :purple_heart::ghost::purple_heart::jack_o_lantern::purple_heart:


Happy Halloween and Samhain Blessings :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Cute pumpkin! Take care of yourself love! Happy Halloween and Blessed Samhain!