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Hello and good morning beautiful people,

I have just drawn my daily.oracle from the Oracle of Auset. I chose Ma’at. This card is linked to balance, hatmony, cosmic justice and ethics.

One thing that arose was that the outcome in my future will depend on my choices and that a karmic release was recommended.

Im not sure what this means or how to do this. Can any one offer adivce on this matter?

All input and thoughts are much appreciated

Blessed be



I have the same deck. I believe one way to look at this is depending on what you do can help release past bad karma. Say you do something good just for the sake of being a nice person without wanting anything in return. That there could give you better karma. There’s good karma! I hope this helps.

The scale is for judgement. Weighing good and bad. Your heart is weighed against a feather. If your heart is bad then that’s not good. But if it’s good it will be equal to the feather (i think).

I’m sure others here will have more suggestions.


I had never heard of a Karmic Release before so I went digging for information :laughing: I mean, that’s what I love doing! So here is some information I found on Karma. Honestly, I couldn’t find much information on Karmic releases that I would trust – from sources that are speaking from the cultural context of Karma and Hinduism, for example.

Everything that we have ever thought, spoken, done or caused is karma, as is also that which we think, speak or do this very moment.[2] Hindu scriptures divide karma into three kinds:[2]

  • Sanchita is the accumulated karma. It would be impossible to experience and endure all karmas in one lifetime. From this stock of sanchita karma, a handful is taken out to serve one lifetime and this handful of actions, which have begun to bear fruit and which will be exhausted only on their fruit being enjoyed and not otherwise, is known as prarabdha karma.
  • Prarabdha Fruit-bearing karma is the portion of accumulated karma that has “ripened” and appears as a particular problem in the present life.
  • Kriyamana is everything that we produce in the current life. All kriyamana karmas flow in to sanchita karma and consequently shape our future. Only in human life we can change our future destiny. After death we lose Kriya Shakti (ability to act) and kriyamana (do) karma until we are born again in another human body.

Karma in Hinduism - Wikipedia

So based on what Karma actually is, I’m not sure if Karma can be released in the way that some people think. I don’t think doing a ritual or saying prayers is going to release all of your Karma to keep you from living another life.

Sorry, I kind of went on a tangent with Karma :laughing: I think what the card is meaning when it says Karmic Release is to sort of balance your Karma. Different cultures and religions have different words for a concept that is similar to Karma, but Karma is a very specific thing. So in this case, I think it’s just telling you to move through life with gratitude, happiness, and more positivity. Be a good person, essentially.

I hope that makes sense!


Thanks for that so basically be a nice person because its the right think to do rather than being nice and expecting something in return. You are right about the feather - the soul entered the Hall of Two Truths which was presided over by Osiris. Anubis would take the heart of the person (hence why it was left inside the mummy) and weigh it against the feather of Ma’at. If it was the same weight, the the soul was free to pass into the Field of Reeds and live in peace and harmony in the afterlife. However, it it was heavier, the heart was fed to the Amut and this basically obliterated the soul, making the person cease to exist, not even in the afterlife. Thoth would be there to record the result of the judgement…sorry of on a tangent; I’m a bit of an Egyptian Mythology geek! :nerd_face:

I really appreciate you taking the time to do this for me. I had never heard of it either; that’s why I was so confused. However, I do think what you said about basically being a good person fit perfectly with what I want and should be aiming to be (shouldn’t we all lol?). With various things happening in my life, it has been quite negative recently so maybe it is time to turn that around.

Blessed be



I totally agree with this.

I do balance work, which basically is a bit of shadow work into my negative traits and I how I project those on to others. Meditate and see if anything comes up. Just being aware of the way you act and actively trying to change that negative behaviour into positive behaviour.

You could do some banishing spells to banish negativity or some spells to draw in positive traits if that’s your thing.

We have last quarter :last_quarter_moon: in Libra :libra: coming up Monday, which is a good time for balancing work :blush:


I feel shadow work is very connected to it too. The way I feel karma is as unconscious patterns that keep us small and separate, stuck in a cycle of self-perpetuating misery. The way we deny ourselves the love and bliss (Ananda) that is our true existence. Sometimes we really enjoy the feeling of resentment for example (but would never admit it out loud), act on it in some hurtful way, and then feel guilty and ashamed for it. That kind of thing makes the heart heavy for sure. Heaviness is resistance, and resistance is separation, and that’s the stuff karma is made of. The guilt and shame is glue that keeps the karmic blob together, without it it just dissolves. Some of the karma is collective (species, culture, ancestry), some of it is individual. But as above, so below, healing our own microcosm reflects to the macrocosm around us.

The more we can make the unconscious conscious, the more light and free we feel. Things that we used to take personally don’t bother us anymore, and suddenly we have more power to change them if we still feel we’d like to.

The card you drew made me think of something I read on a course named “Force of Nature”, by Dr. Carolyn Elliott, the author of “Existential Kink”:

When you get very intimate with how subtle (previously unconscious) processes
shape the content of your experience, you are much less able to be “taken in” by
that content, especially by painful dramas and limited perceptions of yourself
(and the world and others) that once seemed so real and so pressing.

Instead, you see more and more how radically arbitrary the content in your
experience is.

You gradually stop “taking it personally” - your heart becomes light as a feather
(the pre-requisite to a heavenly afterlife, according to ancient Egyptians, who
knew a thing or two about magic) and with this lightness of heart comes a
freedom to act decisively and to receive lavishly.


Of course! And I think you’re right - we should all be aiming to be good people, living with kindness and gratitude. This whole conversation is even making me think about the recent events in my life and how I might be holding on to emotions (such as resentment and anger) rather than letting them go since I can’t do anything about those situations anymore. It’s out of my hands, for sure, but it’s not out of my head or heart.

Balance work is definitely in my future. I have so much going on right now that it’s been hard to even breathe let alone work on myself or my practice :sweat_smile: but I think a banishing spell is in order for myself. My therapist said I need to write a F#$% You! letter for something that’s happened recently. I’m going to turn that into a ritual itself :joy:

This sounds so amazing and freeing! I’ve been meaning to pick up a copy of the book Existential Kink, I just haven’t come across it and I keep forgetting about it :sweat_smile: but I’m making a note of it right now!


I’m curious to hear about it if you do! :blush:
I can’t say I’m there yet either, but getting closer! :smile_cat:


Yes! Do it! When I was working through some issues with my biological Dad I wrote him a similar letter and burned it :rofl: I did it a couple of times and felt so much better!


That’s the plan! I’m looking to do it probably this Saturday with the New Moon :pray: it seems fitting.


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