Karmic tarot spread

So I’m about to do a tarot spread for a friend who is dealing with a karmic relationship and the person who is the karmic person has been doing black Magick. What kind of spread should I do to help find out how their Magick has been doing? We already know it’s been backfiring but wanted to know more.


Instead of doing a particular spread, you could just ask a question and pull a card. Spreads are meant to be helpful, but they’re not required for tarot reading :pray:t3:


Greetings, @luna2!

Just to clarify, are you hoping to check if this person’s Black/Baneful Magick spells are working? Or are you hoping to peek in and see the magick they are casting?

If it’s the former, I agree with what @MeganB said- drawing a tarot card to answer your question will give you insight :+1: Since you already know the spells are backfiring/not being successful, you could ask what is causing the spell to fail?

If what you’re hoping for is a more detailed examination about their spellworkings, I’d suggest going for a three-card tarot spread. You could set it up as follows:

Three-Card Tarot Spread “Spell Check-Up” (to check on a spell cast by someone else)

  1. The first card: this card reveals the intention of the caster- what were they trying to manifest/accomplish?
  2. The second card: this card reveals what happened- why was the spell unsuccessful?
  3. The third card: will the caster attempt this spell again?

This is just my personal opinion, but you believe the caster is using Baneful Magick, I would recommend staying as a an obersever or “fly on the wall” so-to-say and sticking to your own Protective Magick- I would not recommend trying to directly interfere if this person is handling negative and harmful magick, as doing so can be dangerous for everyone involved.

Good luck to you and your friend, Luna! Blessed be :sparkles:


The person who is doing the black Magick is a karmic person. The guy my friend is extremely connected to has to go through this stage before he can be with my friend. (He got into an accident and she knew he broke his foot and when. She also has been seeing him and talking with him in her dreams. When she pulls her energy away from him he knows it. He doesn’t know or believe in Magick as far as I know) yes we were trying to figure out how the other person’s Magick has been backfiring. And what could be causing it. Even though my friend and I have done protective Magick on her and kind of on him by default. (I believe he took a sage bath. I made sage bath salt for her to help cleanse.)


That is very helpful I will try that spread out. Thank you


I see! And you’re very welcome, @luna2- I hope the Tarot spread is able to help you and your friend. Wishing good luck and blessings to you both! :sparkles::blush: