Keeping Track Of Moon Phases

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If this has been asked before, please point me to the discussion. :slight_smile:

How do you keep track of the moon phases? I have the printout and I see different apps in the app store. I was wondering what works best for you? Thank you!

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Great question!

The app Phases of the moon (Android) lets you put a moon widget on your phone so you always know what moon phase it is. If you have an iPhone, you may want to try Moon Phase Calendar Plus.

Lately I have been using SkyView Free (Android) and on iPhone for watching the sky in general. It includes the Moon and every other observable body, last night I identified Saturn and Jupiter! :ringer_planet:

For lunar spellcasting, of course I will recommend you the Spell for Today page :first_quarter_moon: since it generates a quick candle spell for every lunar phase.

If you’re on desktop, I like the website Moongiant which includes other extra features.

Also, I usually send emails through the Spells8 newsletter :email: where I include celebrations for the New Moon and Full Moon. But in my opinion, the best way to track the Moon is to look up everynight and try to find it!


Thank you. :pray:

Today I found out Google Calendar can keep track of moon phases for me but it seems to only work on the desktop and not in their app. I will look at the other apps you suggested. I thought about using the Spell for Today page to do the tracking but that seems to take more work than I want to put in when I first wake up in the morning. LOL. Thank you, again.


That’s great! I wasn’t aware of that. I did a bit of googling and found how to do it. Thanks!

hahah is this because of opening a browser to visit the page? I can imagine that! However, you can follow these simple steps to add the Spell for Today page to your home screen on any device (Android, iPhone, iPad, etc). Maybe that will help!


I’ve got a second vote for Moongiant! I found the site recently and it’s been great- the front page has a countdown to the next full moon (makes it very exciting!) and on the calendar page you can click on any date for more information- they have a lot of information for each day, and even about each full moon! :full_moon:

@marissa shared another great resource- the Farmer’s Almanac:

Although it seems that this moon calculator is just for locations in the U.S/Canada!

Best of luck and Blessed Be! :sparkling_heart:


Hey there! I actually just made a Moon Phase Calender from NASA.

The links for the printouts are all in the description there. Also, if you don’t want a printout, you can use apps or, if you like to plan out your week or month, make it a habit to also make note of the moon phases throughout the week. That always helps me.


Thank you! That is a really neat project I will actually end up sharing with my family. I loved the improvisation with the card-stock. :grinning:


Thanks! I couldn’t believe I messed it up with the button lol

At the risk of getting off topic, I’m glad you did because I learned something new. :smiley:

Thank you for this! I have both Android (for work) and an iPhone. I downloaded Moon Phase Calendar Plus. This is in addition to my “learning”. It takes my breath away when I look up suddenly and see the moon in all it’s glory and then get lost in thought…until a family member brings me down to reality!!! However, unless it is completely hidden behind clouds, I have difficulty locating it even though I know it’s there. The app provides its actual location and I am tickled pink :smiley: to know where exactly to look up at. Yahoo! :star_struck: :hugs:


100% agree with this! As far back as I can remember, I’ve always been mesmerized by the moon… It just hypnotized me and I would end up staring at it so long I would have a stiff neck. :laughing:

This weekend there’s a full moon and a lunar eclipse! If you’re in North America you may be able to watch it! :new_moon:

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It’s on my agenda this weekend for sure. Once again thank you :slight_smile:. That’s a great way to describe it…hypnotized. When it’s the Harvest Moon…I can stare at it FOREVER!


I have an app called “Moon” on my phone that works, although I miss my iPhone’s Apple Watch, as you can actually set a moon phase as the watch background.
I also try to look up at the moon nightly. It’s a great healing feeling to find the moon and feel her light on you. Lately however, we have had some awful storms so I have not been able to do so.

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Oh wow - I never thought about my Apple Watch. Currently I just have the basic functions but will definitely turn that on. Thank you for the tip.

Two nights ago, I woke up and was so happy to see the moon shining into my bedroom. Could I fall back to sleep, nope. Kept staring at it. It seems like a very long time for “her” to appear. It seems that we have been experiencing days on end with overcast skies even through the evening and night. So when “she” appeared I wanted to just sit there and appreciate her presence. :slight_smile:

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This is such a great feature! :heart_eyes: I don’t have an Apple Watch, but I wonder if there’s a similar app or download available for iOS/Android phones. It would be so nice to have a moon phase background :first_quarter_moon::two_hearts:

This sounds lovely and very relaxing, Ana! :full_moon::two_hearts: There’s something enchanting about the moon in the sky. Each experience is totally unique, and I agree- the moon is always breathtaking :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: