Kind of creepy....and cool

Soooo on monday I did a major smudge of the house (highly overdue) and later the same day this happened. I have been in this house for a year now and never have I seen this happen. Make sure you have the sound on. Wonder if it could be connected to the smudge or just birds gone wild


I can’t say either way what that was all about but what I do know is I can’t wait to show this video to my wife - she’s terrified of birds! :rofl:

Thank you for sharing the video. You do seem to have your share of interesting experiences around the home. One would think your bf would wise up to the spiritual world around you.


This happens a lot by me. I just think they’re migrating. I don’t pay attention honestly :sweat_smile: I am curious if it’s something else.


lol @praecog29 don’t be terrifying your wife.

@christina4 I was thinking maybe migration as well but they just appeared out of nowhere as a massive flock, filled the trees in my yard only (you cant really see them in the video) made a huge ruckus that you can hear and flew off about 5 min later. Was like something out of the horror film The Birds except they were not crows lol. Never before have I seen anything like this.


LOL I also thought of the The Birds :movie_camera: it is creepy!!

But in a more ornithomantic interpretation, the symbolism of birds is usually positive and birds are said to bring prosperous messages (traditionally "from heaven). As in, they connect people to the spirit (as above, so below).

So it could definitely be a sign of the long overdue cleansing of your home!! :house:

Keep experimenting!

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I agree kind of cool, but also creepy! :laughing: I love how the trees were getting in on the action also, swaying that way.
What was your initial reaction/ I think I’d be freaked at first and then I just think I would giggle with excitement. LOL

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Ohhhh looks a bird storm! :bird::tornado::astonished: I can imagine that must have been wild to experience, @Katt- it could be a celebration of your successful smudge cleansing, or perhaps foretelling of something to come? Did you check the weather forecast- are there any big storms supposedly coming your way? :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain:

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