Kitchen Witchery - Maple Syrup Self-love and Coffee Affirmations

Blessed Thursday Morning All!

For my 3rd entry, I wanted to share some of my kitchen magick. I’ve discussed some of it before but wanted to highlight a two things that I did this morning here.

For breakfast I made myself a bowl of cream of wheat with almond milk. Almonds are a great energy booster (plus I’m lactose intolerant :laughing:) and are great for working with the root, sacral, and throat chakras - some of which I need help unblocking. Once it was done I added some brown sugar and maple syrup, which I attempted to drizzle in the shape of a pentagram but that didn’t go so well.

Brown sugar is great for attracting love and comfort into your life. Maple can be used for protection, love, prosperity, and longevity. I choose to recite a small self-love dedication while drizzling it over my cream of wheat this morning:

I offer this maple syrup as a blessing of self-love,
And doing so I create a safe space around me, so below and above.
Let love enter my heart and home,
May I always be protected no matter where I roam.

Another practice I have is to stir my coffee with a cinnamon stick while stating my daily affirmations. I have some that I say everyday while others vary depending on how I feel when I wake up. I have been working to build my psychic powers after reading “Psychic Witch” by Mat Auryn a few months ago. In his book, he has several affirmations listed. I rotate these on a daily basis along with my other affirmations. Here are today’s affirmations:

I am happy and healthy.
I am safe and protected.
I accept change in all forms.
I am making the most of my day.
My psychic powers are growing every day.
I love and accept myself.

I hope this inspires all to look at ways you can incorporate small kitchen magick “tricks” into your daily life. Have a great Thursday!

Weekly Witchy Challenge Entry

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You had me at “Maple Syrup”- any spellwork with syrup is a winner to me! :yum::two_hearts:

Your self-love dedication and your coffee affirmations are just as sweet as the tasty syrup and sugar you used- this is some beautiful Kitchen Witchery! :heart:

I always love hearing how others incorporate a bit of magick into their cooking, baking, and-most importantly- eating! This is definitely an inspiration- I think I’ll do some spoken affirmations over my afternoon tea later today :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Beautiful work as always @Amaris_Bane! Thanks for sharing! :sparkles:


@Amaris_Bane , Have you ever used Maple syrup as a sweetener in your coffee?


No but now I’m going to in the morning!