Labyrinth experience

I felt called to explore a labyrinth today for grounding and clarity. I took care of my mother last week and she has dementia. I felt a little depleted and wanted to do something to restore my energy and focus.

I found a website, World Wide Labyrinth Locator, and was surprised to learn how many labyrinths were within easy driving distance. Although many are situated on church grounds, the public ones are open to all and are non-denominational in nature.

This beautiful labryinth was near a grove of trees and an adjacent meditation garden with a statue of St. Francis and the famous prayer. There was a strong breeze and I felt in touch with nature, the trees around me and spirit.

I read that there is no set way to approach the experience but one recommendation was to try and clear your mind and be in the moment. It was such a beautiful setting that was not too hard to do. Some people focus on an intention walking in, or a single word and sit in the center, then reflect on gratitude on the way out. I let my thoughts come into my mind so I was grateful in and out.

I brought 4 crystal friends to help me center, get in touch with messages and amplify my intuition: rose quartz, celestite, green aventurine and moonstone.

It was a lovely experience and I although I did not know what to expect, I walked away with a sense of peace and clarity about my path.

I got some quick answers about what I needed to focus on as well as a general direction for moving forward. I definitely felt “guided” today! It was an amazing and tranquil experience and I think, an excellent and free form of self-care, so I thought I would share in case you would like to find a labyrinth to explore in your community.


Wow. That sounds amazing! I’m so glad you found the time for such wonderful self-care.


There’s such a thing as a labyrinth locator?! :scream: I didn’t know that! Now I have something new to do lol

But in all seriousness, it sounds like you had a wonderful and productive experience. I’ve only ever walked one labyrinth and it was on the grounds of a hospital while my father in law was admitted. I didn’t walk it with any intention, honestly. It was more to keep my then 3 year old entertained… now I’m wondering if there are any in my area. I’m gonna check out the link you shared! :thinking:


You found a beautiful labyrinth, @mary25- and how cool that there is a locator for spots around the world! :heart_eyes: That’s really great to know about, I wonder if there are any nearby? I’ll have to check it out :blush:

I’m glad you were able to regain your focus, connect with nature, and find the direction you need to move forward in- it sounds like it was an all-around amazing experience for you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’ve done walking meditations before, but I’ve only meandered through labyrinths for fun- I think the next time I’m at one, I’ll turn it into a grounding and meditation experience :+1:

Thanks so much for sharing this, Mary! Blessed be! :sparkles:


Great photos, Mary! Like Megan said, I didn’t know about the labyrinth locator. I just found one near me!

(photo from their Facebook)

Thanks for sharing and for the inspiration :slight_smile:


All the labryths in my area are over an hour away :sob:


That’s beautiful! I’m seriously happy that you were able to do this! It’s a reminder that I need to get out in nature while the weather is still kinda decent. My mind has been one heck of a rollercoaster! But you’re one great daughter! I’m sorry she has dementia.


It is so hard because my mom, I know she loves me, but she has been kind of checked out her whole life. There is this song “She’s not there” by the Zombies. The first time I heard that, I was a little girl and I was crying because that was how I felt about her. She was so beautiful and I loved her, but because of depression or lack of interest or temperament or whatever, she just chose not to be there for me and my sister…and I tried so hard. Kind of like living with a ghost, sometimes. Especially at the holidays, Christmas was often the worst time. She was either ragey or checked out. And the dementia – the parts of her I could connect with, that is just about all gone. So the energy was very, very draining. I was cooking for her, and offering to read to her and trying to cheer her up, or watch a movie and she just has given up on living or trying. It made me feel like when I was small and I so desperately wanted to connect with her (my Dad was not in the picture). So, I hate to say it but God, I was glad to go home. The labyrinth walk really helped. I shed a few tears but I felt like I raised my energy back to normal.


Maybe you could crochet a little one! I mean, I know you couldn’t walk on it… :slight_smile: I would like to make one in a garden…but no garden.


Ohh that’s a good idea :thinking: I’ll see what I can do! I did think about adding a labyrinth to my backyard though. I’ve got space!


Wow…so cool. Thank you for the find! Sounds like a lovely experience! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


What a cool little find - both the Labrynth locator and the labrynth you went to! Thank you for sharing it with us. I can’t wait to see which ones are near me now and in my new location.

Also blessings to you for taking care of mom. I’m sure given the information you shared with us that it isn’t easy. I’m not sure of your beliefs or anything, but I feel your care and selfless acts will open the door for further love and positivity for you. I truly hope it does :slightly_smiling_face: