Ladies a question or men if they have an answer

My husband told me the other day that if someone broke into our house they would leave because you can tell a witch lives here. Lol!


I’m single and haven’t dated in probably a decade now. . So I can’t really provide an answer or share a story about a partners response to me being a pagan or witch esp as I’ve been a pagan a only several months and a witch even less time.

But I have to say it’s so encouraging to hear stories from people who have had positive and supportive responses from partners who were told about them being a pagan or a witch or both. I’m so sorry to hear about some of the negative experiences people have had. But it’s also really wonderful to hear that there are people out there that are more accepting that id been led to believe without being a pagan or witch themselves.

I’d been hurt alot by ppl I trusted in the past so id not looked for a relationship but had started recently to at least be open to one should it come along, but when I became a pagan and then a witch I guess I just figured what’s the point, I couldnt see myself joining a face to face religious group after my experiences in church so meeting other pagans or witches in person was unlikely at best. Yet alone finding some one who might connect to that might accept me as a pagan and witch unless they had also been.

I have worried about how others might be treated by ppl, even in general, if some one found out, I’m still new to both paths and no one really knows bout me and this is the only community I’m a part of. I don’t know how ppl would treat a person they’d found out was a witch or pagan yet alone add a relationship or dating to the mix. Except how ppl in churches would respond, which is not accepting or positive( at least the ones I’d been to, maybe not all are like those).

But it’s So encouraging to hear that there are people who are accepting even if they don’t fully understand. It’s beautiful to hear stories how partners even are actively supportive as well. That is so lovely to hear. It encouraging to know even in general maybe people aren’t as judgemental and fearful of such things as pagans or witches as they may of been way back when. And that some(maybe not all) are accepting and even supportive of people whether maybe friends or partners of those who are pagan or a witch. It’s encouraging to see or should I say hear about.


CONGRATULATIONS !!! Finding someone who is not critical or afraid of your personal beliefs is wonderful and has to be amazing for the peace of mind. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

As for the handfasting - I do hate to be a buzz-kill here, but there are legal ramifications involved should something happen to either of you.

There are only a handful of states that acknowledge “domestic partnerships” or common-law arrangements - Texas being the top one.

As for the remaining states, decisions involving material matters (bank accounts, life insurance benefits, 401K etc) all require the immediate family to handle. This would also apply to medical needs. If there is no formal marriage registered in your jurisdiction, then there more than likely will be issues that will preclude you or him from making any decision as to final wishes.

In the event that there were to be a death and either of you have children from previous relationships, or surviving family (mom/dad/bro/sister) those persons would then have the leverage to control any personal property; again, such as bank accounts, life insurance, mortgages(homes) or other items.

I adore the handfasting ceremony and when I am fortunate enough to meet that certain someone, I will have this commitment ceremony. But the world being what it is today I will also have to register the commitment with the local Clerk Recorders Office to ensure everyone is protected (in addition to the protection spells already in place :wink:

Just providing another view point to consider.



Wed be getting all the paperwork done but having a hand fasting as the actual ceremony as were also trying to get his son away from the boys neglectful mother.