Lapis Lazuli

Have you worked with Lapis Lazuli? I received one the other day and really didn’t know much about them until I researched for this video. Enjoy!


It has such a deep, beautiful blue color :blue_heart: :sparkles:

Thanks for sharing your wisdom on Lapis, @SilverBear- I hope you enjoy your lovely new stone! :blush:


Oh yes, I’ve worked with lapis many times. You know theres only 1 difference between lapis and sodalite? The pyrite inclusions.
Also, while looking at the two, sodalite is a little darker in color. It has a deep and mystical tone, whereas lapis lazuli features a royal blue finish.

Either way, thank you for the beautiful video! :v:


Lapis is one of my favorite crystals! I love the flecks within the deep blue. :blue_heart: It reminds me of the ocean!


@SilverBear When I have presentations to give (especially large ones) I have a palm stone and a sphere. If it is zoom I roll the sphere in my hands while giving the presentation and if in person I rub the palm stone with my thumb. It puts me at ease and it feels as if the presentation just rolls out seamless.


I’m wearing my Lapis today! I seem to always have a clear mind and work more efficiently and I am able to voice my thoughts so well when i do. Thinking about it, overall, I’ve had no negative thoughts today. Not even when my boss gave me an assignment I usually dread!