Late for color challenge

I know I’m Late for color challenge, But I saw a rainbow the other day, it was just amazing. The Rainbow itself was bold, but below it there was another, fainter rainbow, What a unique blessing to have seen natures most beautiful spectrum of colors.
Just wanted to share.


Rainbows are always a good omen :rainbow: one of my favorite things to see any time!


It’s rare to see a double rainbow! What luck!


A very lucky sign indeed! :rainbow: :star_struck: Rainbows have a lot of powerful symbolism (both magickal and mundane). I found a list of rainbow meanings on the Witchcrafted Life Blog:

-In ancient Greek mythology, the rainbow is viewed to be a pathway created by the goddess Iris between heaven and earth.

-Chinese mythology has a beautiful tale that says that a rainbow is a split in the sky which has been patched or sealed by the goddess Nuwa using five different coloured rocks or stones.

-The flood narrative of the Christian bible which sees a rainbow used to represent God’s promise to never again destroy the earth with a cataclysmic flood.

-Babylonian mythology also tells of a megaflood and how the goddess Ishtar was rather cross with the god who had caused such an epic catastrophe. To get back at him, Ishtar placed a rainbow in the sky to prevent the god from partaking of offerings left for him down on earth.

-To the Norse, a burning rainbow bridged known as the Bifrost connects earth (Midgard) with Asgard, the home of the gods. Only the gods and those are who were slain in battled were permitted to use Bifrost.

-Armenian mythology speaks of the god Tir’s belt being a rainbow (Tir is especially associated with the sun and knowledge).

-Many Native American cultures have rainbow related myths and spiritual connections. The Navajo, for example, saw rainbows as a multi-coloured serpent that young braves chased after as part of a highly meaningful and important coming-of-age initiation right.

-Pre-Islamic Arabian mythology included a weather god named Quzah, for whom rainbows were seen to be his (hunting) bow. This reference remains in legacy to the present day by way of the Arabic word for rainbow, qaws Quzah .

-In Australian Aboriginal mythology, the rainbow snake is the Creator in the Dreaming, an ever-lasting time period that began with the creation of the world and which has no end.

-The shamans of Siberia’s Buryat people believe that they can ascend to the sky-spirit world via rainbows.

[From Witches Guide to Rainbow Magick and Rainbow Meanings]

It seems like rainbows and people’s fascination with their beauty is something that brings us together, all over the world! :earth_americas: :heart::rainbow:

Thanks for sharing, @Garnet! :sparkles:


That was a double rainbow :rainbow: those are beautiful!!!