Let a Witch Unwind! CHALLENGE catch up

For me there are 3 things that assist me to unwind. Brewing, Baths and Being in nature.
For this entry I will be posting an herbal bath soak recipe that can help one to rest and relax.

In a muslin bag place the following

2Tbs Chamameall
2Tbs Lavender
4oz rosehips or crushed rose petals
1Tbs crushed white sage

cast a circle if you wish.

As you start your bath water begin to chant 3 times

With these herbs, my stress drawn away. Drawn out from toes and fingers. into my heart the white light flows. The lay line powers fill me anew.

pour in one cup of Epsom salts and drop in the bag.

Light 2 red candles and 2 blue and burn any incense you prefer.

Turn off the lights and play whatever music helps you relax.
Soak as long as you like. I soak for an hour or more sometimes.

When you are done wash of in the shower and feel anew.


This is just plainly…WOW @LadyDennaRahl!! Amazing unwinding bath spell! :wink: :bathtub: :bubbles: :sparkles:


Mmmm, sounds lovely and relaxing~ :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :bath: :rose: :herb:


The 3 B’s of relaxation! :relaxed: :two_hearts:

This sounds like a divine bath- I feel soothed just reading the recipe. It’s a really lovely one, thank you so much for sharing it @LadyDennaRahl! :heart::bathtub: :herb:


Ohhh yay for a new bath recipe! :bath:


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