Let's give

I know I can give my friend some good advice on the craft and what witches do but I love hearing from this coven :heart:.

He is learning still anyone wants to give him small simple task ?

Right now he asks me for a spell to communicate with his mom who passed on. Any advice to give him or instructions for him? He is very much a beginner


Two books that have helped me as a beginner are:

Llewellyn’s Little Book of Witchcraft by Deborah Blake (a small, more concise lighthearted reference type book for beginners)

And Path of Paganism by John Beckett
(A more thoughtful deep read with hands on practices at the end of each chapter)


I seen this book before in the store I was wondering if it was a good one


I’m just finishing the very end and should have my full review up on the book club tomorrow or the next day.


@john1 Idk if you’ve already told him but meditation is important. Idk of any spells that can help. I lost my mom 4 years ago. It took some time and practice. I always talk to her but I never heard her until I started meditating. I’d talk to her while in a meditative state. I didn’t actually talk to her until I had a dream. Idk f that’s helpful or not! YouTube has good resources on talking to your ancestors and spirit guides. I think it’s something that’s going to take time. Another thing he could try some type of divination. I haven’t tried with my mom yet as I’m just learning to read tarot. Good luck to your friend! :blush::purple_heart:


The problem is he does not know how to meditate he keeps asking me how do I do it I tried to explain to him I try to take deep breaths and calm himself for starts but he don’t listen he breathes fast then he says now what. Lol. I’m trying to find a way to teach him better


Ask him to give this a listen:

Tell him to repeat it every night to help him calm and learn to meditate.

As for connecting with his mother, ask him to remember her as clearly as he can. What did her voice sound like? What did she smell like? Use all his senses to rebuild a clear memory of her. Let her stand in front of him in his imagination… Especially if he can meditate a few nights first. Then just tell her what he wants to say and imagine what her response would have been had he said it while she were still living. Some people balk at this at first, but let him know it is just a way to start a connection. Get him some experience with it, first. It will grow from there, if he can give it some time.

Oh, and don’t worry about fast breathing at first. Depth comes with experience and time. You have to be the patient one… for him, so he can learn. It takes repetition, imagination, and a lot of patience. When he asks now what, tell him to do it again. Keep at it if he will let you. If he gives up, you’re off the hook, but if he has the will to do it right, just be patient with him.


I gave him the instructions and video let’s see what happens next

Thank you so much


He might want to take up pendulum dowsing. I don’t use one myself but it works sort of like a spirit board and one can talk to higher spirits and the dead through them I’ve heard.

There ya go, that might get him started.


Meditation. I’m not great at it, but the Spells8 app has tons on it.

Also this little app is great, even if you’re not Buddhist, the meditations are good and it takes you through them step by step.



Maybe these two videos could help?
I have an ancestor altar set up and Hearth Witch has a nice video on the topic:

Ivy the Occultist’s video is on Ancestral Magick including communicating with ancestors.


My advice would be not to try and contact the dead if he’s a beginner. :sweat_smile: Start small, and get a good grounding and centering practice down. Do simple rituals and spells for little things that are easy to notice. Energy work and connecting with intuition will be important if his goal is spirit contact - but spirit contact can come with a lot of unknown variables. It’s better to have a protection practice in place, be very connected intuitively, and know how to banish and cleanse first.

It sounds like he needs to be patient, not that you need a better way of teaching him. In witchcraft and most other spiritual-focused belief systems, patience is a vital skill to possess. If he’s not patient, he may end up abandoning any studies he pursues with witchcraft because nothing comes easy or on the first try (usually).


Im going to give him his first pentacle with his first witchcraft book i got a few in mind perfect for beginners

So far he wanted to jump into it so I got him to read this one candle it was a prayer candle of the guardian angel and then I taught him extra stuff go with that so far for safety reasons as a beginner without certain tools he don’t have yet he’s a Christian witch at this moment and by himself he worship Saint Michael and the saints as your deities there’s nothing wrong with that I’m glad he chose a safe path. Little by little I’m teaching him stronger magic but only stuff he’s comfortable with I don’t rush any of my students if they’re not ready or if they’re not comfortable

Every time he does a spell he sends me pictures and he says he always gets Goosebumps and it’s cold Plus he started to like witchcraft because I cleansed his house that’s what got him started
So now he sages his house everyday all his stones all his tools everything