🍵 Life and Death are a Cup of Tea (A Tea Meditation Reflection)

Please be aware that this discussion explores death in a poetic and symbolic context.

This discussion is not meant to invalidate anyone’s beliefs around life and death- it is simply a reflection of my personal beliefs and practice.

Life and Death are a Cup of Tea

A Tea Meditation Reflection

What happens when we die? It is a question that many seek out an answer to. We look to books and to scriptures, we look deep inside the mysterious depths of the mind to try and work it out.

But rather than look inward for answers, perhaps the truth can be found outward- offered to us gently and lovingly by Mother Nature.

Fellow tea meditation enthusiasts will know that there is much to be found in a cup of tea. The warm ceramic bowl cradled in your hands and the flat calm of the mind mixing with steam offers a door to answers :woman_in_lotus_position: :coffee:

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Water comes from all around and within us- it is the blood of the Earth and the essence of life on this planet. When we make a cup of tea, so too do we draw water from the world and bring it into its chosen vessel :teapot:

From there, we add that special something- character, flavors, experiences, thoughts, memories, scents, emotions- like tea leaves being brewed, the water of life takes on these characteristics. No two humans are identical, just as no one cup of tea can ever be perfectly replicated (“Ichi-go, ichi-e”, they say in the Japanese Tea Ceremonies, “once, and once only”) :tea:

As the tea steeps in its cup vessel, the water- that pure essence of life- takes on the qualities of the tea leaves. So too do our life experiences flavor us. Some may turn bitter with time, but others endure the cycles and become sweeter- whatever happens, we all become more complex thanks to our time here :fallen_leaf:

Eventually, one way or another, the moment of death arrives. It may come swift for some- an accident, a shattered cup on the floor, tea seeping back into the Earth- while for others the change is slow- water evaporating slowly over time, eventually leaving only an empty vessel and a faint trace of tea in its wake :broken_heart:

But water, like life, is not destroyed when it disappears from sight. Whether it rises to rejoin the great cycle in the sky, seeps back into the soil to find a different purpose, or finds its way back into the tea kettle- the water’s journey has changed but has not ended :droplet:

So too does our journey continue after our vessel’s end.

Or at least, this is the answer I found in my cup of tea :tea:

Love, Light, and Tea :sparkles:


Beautiful philosophy, my dear.


Beautiful :heart:


Thank you both @georgia and @Phoenix_Rose :hugs: :heart:

It’s a bit of a somber topic, but the reflection itself felt very gentle and encouraging, if that makes sense? I’ve been blessed to learn so much and come so far on my own journey thanks to listening to the thoughts and relfections of others- I thought I’d put this out there in case it helps or inspires someone else on their own journey :blush:

Much love and many blessings!


This is beautiful, @BryWisteria. I also found it gentle and encouraging.

I love how it ends.


Thank you, Katerina! :heart: :hugs:


Going through my bookmarks brought me back here and I’m glad they did. It’s still a very peaceful and encouraging read. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :black_heart:


Awwww thank you, Katerina! I’m happy if you enjoyed it :heart: :hugs: :tea: