Little update on me!

Hello everyone! It’s been a while since I have made a post. I just wanted to let you all know that I the spring semester for me being in college is finally done! Last semester was a bit of a struggle for me so I have been really focusing and working hard to make this one much better and it definitely was. I have one more semester to go to finish getting my degree! Im so happy and excited.

Now I can relax for the summer its definitely much needed! I will be back to posting a few times a week now. I hope you are all doing well with quarantine and social distancing. Stay healthy everyone! :sparkling_heart: :owl:


Congratualtions! I knew you could do it, doesn’t that feel good???


Awesome!! Cheers to that!! :clinking_glasses:One more semester to go!! :crossed_fingers: :pray: :mortar_board:

Were you able to take exams and all from home? I’m curious about how they are doing that with social distancing…


That’s so awesome and I’m so proud of you! I can’t wait for my daughter’s school to be finished because…distance learning sucks lol but I’m glad you found a way to focus and make this semester better than the previous one!


Aw thank you so much and yes it feels great!


Yes! So around mid march is when we transitioned all classes to online. We submitted assignments through a platform called Canvas. And we met up to do class discussions with our classmates and professors through zoom. We would meet at the same time as our in person class would have been. A lot of things were modified from our classes syllabus. Either taking out certain assignments and replacing it with something else.


Thank you so much Megan! Aw yeah it wasn’t too much of a hard transition for me. I already was enrolled in 2 online classes from the start but I had 3 other classes from in person to online. Everyones good vibes sure did help and I even did a spell to help me pass all of my classes!


That’s great to hear! I bet you’re doing fantastic, and you’ll have your degree in no time!