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I wanted to let my sister Witches and Coven know about this exciting free app that you can get a free book and not only that the 2024 Witches Spell of the Day, Witches Companion,Calendar, and Herbal Almanac and the Moon Sighn Book. They were only $7.00 so that is a pretty good deal.
I would like to get some of the old copies because I like the Art that is inside of them. I just made a post recently about the spells 8 sigil and showed how I crafted the sigil on the candle. I’m not sure about you but this is an easy way to make sigils and make your crafting MagiKal! I like to read the short reads during the day if I get board. Its a good way to stay into my magikal journey. I like the art so I will be able to make more candles for my alter so its more intriguing so if any of you want to get rid of your old companions let me know and shoot me a email. I am interested in buying them for my candles.
Also you can get a free book by just going to play store and adding Llewellyn New Worlds of body soul and mind. I left a link here there’s a book and it is called "Partnering with Powerful Plants". I just downloaded my new book and I am really excited. I am gardening right know and just planted some seeds for my garden. I have a hudge uv light to get them started. I am thinking about getting a green house but a small one for the garden to start out with. I am trying to start off with Lavender. Lavender is really pretty and smells good and is good for many spells! I can use Lavender in my spell bags, tea, and is just a great herb to have in the garden. I also have some spearmint. Does anyone have a good place to go to for seeds in California Citrus Heights ?
LLewellyn New Worlds app for free book
I just realized this app is just a whole bunch of different books that are out right now that are selling by different authors so you really don’t get a free book. I was sadly mistaken.


Thankyou for this. Here’s the android link too. :sparkling_heart:


I remember that! It turned out really pretty :candle: :infinite_roots: :blush:

The book sounds interesting and it must be inspirational too - congrats on your gardening, Jeannie! I hope all of your plants thrive this season :green_heart:

Thank you for the book and app recommendations! Blessed be :hugs: :two_hearts:


Thank you I just love the candles :candle: and the books have so much magic in them!
I tried for many years to get this candle looking the way it does know so I am proud.


You have every right to be proud, Jeannie - I’m proud of you too! :heart: :blush:

Keep up the great work and keep on having fun with it! Blessed be :hugs: :two_hearts:


I got a calendar :date:

I definitely want to try this spell today!

Look what I got in the mail!


@Jeannie1 wow it’s fantastic :green_heart:


Thank you Tracy I really like reading the Witches Companion. Today I was reading about how the pandemic put everyone in a place where they had to stay at home and question there spirituality. She talked about celebrating every accomplishment and to tell you the truth I am sorta like well I made that accomplishment and I really need to learn how to celebrate. If you have any ideas on how you like to celebrate your accomplishments let me know. The author stated, Mental Health became a worldwide focus as people were suddenly faced with the reality of how badly they were in need of rest and relaxation and self nurturing. Setting boundaries developing a good work life balance and becoming reacquainted with our inner selves were a few of the most beneficial changes. It is so true I need to on a spiritual level always try to go outside and garden and do that meditation and exercise. Anyway I get a lot out of the books I read. I love the craft and what it is doing in my life. I feel know I can navigate my mental health again.


I have a special journal.

I record them in there. I also leave offerings outside, at my garden alter (it’s just a stick and a rock under a tree, nothing fancy) to thank Loki.
Other ways, more mundane, I treat myself to something, a item from my wishlist, favourite chocolate something nice. :grin::green_heart:


Hi @Jeannie1 , hope you don’t mind if I jump in here on this one. Celebrating successes can be hard for people, we seem to think it has to be a big success.

To start, the definition of success should be a broad one. Some suggestions:
-take a moment to have a favourite drink (eg tea, cocoa) and reflect on your successes
-take a moment to honour /own that good feeling you get when you accomplish something, this way you use it as fuel to keep going,
-simply say “well done” that can be just to yourself or while looking in a mirror
-thank anyone who contributed to your success (eg verbal thanks, baked goods, small gift, dinner)
-spend time with loved ones
-create your own “touchdown dance, or a power stance”
-be grateful/express gratitude
-journal-keep track of your successes ( don’t know about you but my mind keeps track of my failures so it is nice to write down my successes to counterbalance that)
-as @tracyS mentioned get something off your wish list
-share your success story https://forum.spells8.com/t/celebrate-your-success-with-your-coven/50700/12
-spend time meditating with the 4 of wands, what celebratory ideas come to you?

Hope these suggestions help!