Look what i found at the local postie

So i went to

My local post office today and look i what i found. I was very pleasantly surprised to see it. I think Wicca is coming more into the mainstream. I find this exciting because it shifts perspectives and makes it more accesible. 15 years ago when i started my journey i could barely find any information at my local libary so i find this very promising indeed for the pagan community and future generations. I didnt purchase it but i felt tempted to just to check out the content. It was affordable to :slight_smile:


These were at your post office, @kira-marie !?! Wow- that’s amazing! :heart_eyes: Would you say that you live in a pretty open-minded area? Gosh, I would love to see books like this for sale around town where I live- although that’s very unlikely here in Warsaw :sweat_smile: . Our post offices are covered in pictures of the Pope, cat calendars, and strange knickknacks (batteries, soda, or glass lanterns, anyone?). Going to the post office here is always a surreal experience :joy:


yeah here in melbourne there used to be alot of witchy stores now there hardly around but i live near the city so i would say it must be pretty open minded. i actually just recently applied for a job at one of the witchy stores im hoping to hear back but i havent heard anything as of yet. would be a dream come true if i could work there.


Very cool! If they did that where I live, they’d burn down the post office.

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@kasie Absolute Same!! :joy:


Sad to say, but too true in too many places.


Wouldn’t that be great if you got a job at your local witchy shop?!! :star_struck:

I say you cast an elaborate spell to get the job, and in the meantime you can share it with them so they’ll see what a creative and experienced Witch you are! :woman_mage:


thats an idea. good thinking mate :slight_smile: