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So today saw doctor and looks like fibro. Weve tried figuring out whats causing pain for ages and today we had settled on fibro. Symptoms all fit and tests apparently ruled out other possibilities. Im hopeful maybe knowing whats causing these issues might help manage it better. Im grateful to my friend who suggested looking into it as she said alot of my symptoms were like her and she has fibro. I guess not knowing what reason or cause was i felt i couldn’t acknowledge my own pain or sympyoms. Spent too long being made to feel stupid for goung to doctor for it as there wasnt a cause they could see or they didnt care to look into it. It was like being told my feeling pain or struggling from not being able to sleep or other symptons wasnt justified because they couldnt see an obvious cause so they dismissed my symptoms as nothing. Or just life… but Im also grateful for a doctor who listens and takes me seriously. Maybe now might see positive changes.
I know doc has given me meds for pain and to ease symptons but one thing i want to try look at is herbal things as well. Its something id been keen to look at and now that starting my buisness this year finally after hacing my plans put on hold because of overload with my job over the years, im finally able to look at this and work on it. Herbal products to help isone thing want to do. And lol naybe im my own first cliebt :joy:ill be the guinea pig and make amd try different stuff.
Doc was also happy i started yoga n trying meditation lol though he laughed with me whwn said it was a challenge for me to sit stikl to meditate😂 but im getting there. Kinda lol sometimes as soon as my brain realises im trying to slow myself down to meditate its like it gors into overdrive. But ive read that yoga and tai chi and meditation is good for fibro so that exciting something trying to do already will be helpful. Even if only came to the fibro diagnosis today. In a way its given me permision to acknowledge my own pain and allow myself the space to not just push through all the time ( tjough sometimes i might need to) but i can allow myself the space to do something to help ease symptoms rather than just pushing through it cause i feel i cant acknowledge the pain or symptoms as much as might when i know what the cause is for it. So its been a full on day and tommorow im back at work, but its veen a productive and positive day in that it also gives me a resource to look for things that may help by knowing the cause to the pain and symptoms that can not just look up things to help with specific symptoms but also the condition itself. And maybe if i find useful stuff i can share wuth my friend too. And i can ask her advice as well. . Its been a full on day but a good one, amd even if im in pain right now, at least now i know why and know maybe things will get better as i learn to better manage it all. So i am Definatly feeling hopeful😁


I’m so glad you’re finally on the path to answers! :clap: I know from personal experience that knowing is half the battle. Once you know, then you’re better equipped to handle flares and pain in the future – plus it just gives you the closure of finally having answers.

I’m really happy to hear that your doctor listened to you and was able to give you some medication to help when you need it. It sounds like you’re on the right track to managing your newly-diagnosed fibromyalgia. That’s so good to hear!

I’m not an herbalist by any stretch of the word but I believe @Mistress_Of_Herbs has shared an oil or herbal recipe for Fibromyalgia around here somewhere :thinking: I can’t seem to find it right now but maybe she can pop on and figure that out :sweat_smile:


I’m glad you found a doctor who listens to you and helped you to find an answer. I don’t have any specific help for herbs that may help, but I like to check drugs.com interactions page. You can put in any medication you’re on and supplements and herbs to see if there are any interactions. Personally, I like to add turmeric to foods but I won’t take turmeric supplements and avoid large quantities because that site taught me that turmeric and zoloft together can affect platelet function. I hope you find something that works for you!


@Phoenix_Fire i have a recipe for fibromyalgia just as @MeganB said of u want it


That would be much appreciated :heart_eyes: thanks, it’s so nice that people on here are willing to share their knowledge with others and offer support and advice etc. It really is a great community :bouquet::sunflower::hibiscus::cherry_blossom::blossom::rose::heartpulse:


It sounds like you’ve got yourself a good doctor who takes the time to listen and hear you out- being in pain is no fun at all, but I’m happy you’ve managed to narrow it down and that you were able to get a name for what is happening. Like Megan said, knowing really is half the battle. From here you’ll be able to make some healthy treatment plans and move forward- I’m happy for you, @Phoenix_Fire! :heart::pray:

Wishing you all the best with your yoga, meditations, herbal work, and all around healing journey. Good luck and blessed be!


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