Looking for an alternative to garlic

Hello. I see from this course and other readings that the use of garlic is a good herb to use. Unfortunately garlic, both eaten & by smell, is an instant migraine trigger for me. Even smelling it on someone else can put me into bed for several hours. Eating it puts me into the hospital. Is there an alternative herb that has similar uses that is not from the garlic family?


I’ve got a few different ideas!

  • Rosemary is good for protection. If you were using garlic for home protection, use rosemary instead.

  • Tea tree is used for health, specifically antifungal and antibacterial. It can be used in spells for healing in place of garlic.

  • Clove can also be used for protection as well as healing.

  • Anything with thorns can be substituted for garlic in protection magic.

Hopefully, someone else will have more ideas, too!


These are really lovely substitutes & truly very helpful ideas for just any witch! :hugs: :heart_eyes: :herb: :green_heart: I think i will just take a quick screenshot. I also don’t have many specific herbs such as garlic itself (I’ll get them eventually, I know it but it’ll be slow.) which is why I love these replacements, @MeganB! Thank you sooo much. :sparkling_heart: :pentagram: This will definitely help you out too dear @robin3 :hugs: :pink_heart: :hearts: Blessed Be :pentacle_tarot:


You’re very welcome @Solasta_Amore – I’m glad I was able to help! Please, feel free to screenshot away!


For protection, there are so many options, including ginger, cinnamon, blackberry thorns, dill, daisy, corn, bay leaves, bergamot, fennel, coriander/cilantro, eggs and egg shells, and even just salt.

There are also many options for purification and cleansing, including charcoal, peppermint, valerian, vinegar, sage, thyme, lemon, lime, parsley, and again, salt.

There are many healing options as well, including aloe, bay leaves, eucalyptus, rosehips, fig leaves, argan oil, cucumber, lavender, peppermint, spearmint, thistle, and lemon balm.

For exorcisms, there’s less, but some of the easier ones are sandalwood, horseradish, hawthorn, basil, and even black pepper.


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