Lost on Where to Begin/How to Heal

I have been pagan since I can remember but lost my way once I was out of high school.

I have come back to the craft recently, and I am overwhelmed. I set up my altar and have been reading about how to practice, but since there is so much information out there, I have been disconnected from what is meaningful to me, and I am surrounded by all the “shoulds” and other people’s opinions.

How can I find MY way again? (please don’t think I find it ironic that I am asking others how to find my way, but I don’t know what else to do and was hoping I could turn here.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, love, a lost witch.


Merry Meet Jessinwndrind,

I can relate. I go so wrapped up in my work and everyday life I became a Witch who didn’t witch anymore. Not for days, months but for years. That is how I wound up here at Spells8. By the way, I am new here… finding my way back to my soul’s calling.

The thing is, with me, I am taking getting back on the broomstick (so to speak) slow. I am asking the Goddess to guide me back to her… and then I surrender. I listen, I watch, and I pay attention to the subtle signs she sends me. I tune inward and I am beginning to feel her within again.

Don’t be so hard on yourself, ask your higher self, the Goddess for guidance back to her, then surrender and let the magick in again. It never left.

Blessed Be.


Hey there @jessinwndrlnd!! Lots of love to you, first of all! :heartpulse: Secondly, I want to share something with you regarding your post. I read everything and now I wish to tell you something…this,

happens to me many times, mostly it happened when I had just come to know about Wicca but then, it picked up momentum! I always thought, what would the other witches do if it was full moon? How would they perform a ritual or cast a spell? But as I treaded further down this rocky road of Magick, I realized that I was the one making it rocky for myself. For, I always doubted myself, whether I am having any Magick in me at all?! No, was the most common answer as I always used to be overwhelmed due to my self-subduing nature. Though, it was unconsciously done, it bothered a lot and that was exactly what started to hinder my potential to unearth my hidden soul - magic! I am sorry and understand that you are facing such issues…today only I did a Tarot reading because I was like feeling that again and I seriously got disturbed! I got the cards that exactly meant - ‘you need to stop overthinking and criticizing yourself! Just let the wheel turn to that moment where you let your magick flow freely and as easily as the air flows!’ Because, air doesn’t overthink, does it? The spirit of air element, never thinks once that could it flow everywhere or not? That’s what exactly the solution to your question is! Be very open to your problems and accept them, give yourself time and let the time unfold your magical abilities once again! Just believe that you can do this…and see the magick burst out from your soul! Blessed be! :sparkles: :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Many people have gone through exactly what you’re going through right now – it’s gonna be okay, I promise! :blush: I’m going to give you a rundown of what I would do in this situation, so take what resonates and feel free to ignore anything that doesn’t.

First things first – stop reading and gathering information. I know that sounds counterintuitive but it’s not doing anything good for you. It’s just overwhelming you and making you freeze. You can’t get started with what you want if you’re frozen, right? :sweat_smile: Put all the books away.

This is a good place to start. Spend some time at your altar in meditation, or even just looking at what you have there. Analyze why those exact things are there. What purpose do they serve? Do they connect you to something or are they just there because someone said that’s how it’s done? Remove anything that you’re not connected to, even if that means removing everything. Don’t worry, it’s only temporary! You will build back up to an altar that is meaningful to you by choosing things that matter to you. But you have to figure out what those are first.

This can be more difficult to manage and figure out. I’d recommend journaling – getting your thoughts out, thinking about what’s important to you, and digging deep into different questions and topics can help you get back on track for where you want to be. Take some journal prompts and just run with them! Ask yourself questions like these:

  1. What exactly do I believe about the Divine?

  2. Which deities, if any, do I believe in?

  3. Why did I start practicing paganism to begin with?

  4. What element in nature do I feel most connected to? And why?

  5. What do I believe about the afterlife?

Of course, these are just questions to get you started, but my first and honestly probably the most important advice I can give you – stop scrolling through social media looking for inspiration because it’s only damaging your relationship with your practice and yourself.

I hope the advice I’ve given here gives you a good place to start :heart: We’re here for you!


You’ve gotten some great advice here! Slow down, breathe, and figure out what you want to do. Do you want to do a morning prayer and light a candle? Draw a daily tarot card? Meditate? Figure out what you’d like and then try different things out. It will take a while, but Rome wasn’t built in a day!

Good luck and Goddess bless!


Hello @jessinwndrlnd,

You’ve got some really awesome advice and tips from the coven- I don’t have much more to add than what’s already been said, but I do want to wish you all the best! :heart: It is totally natural to have high and low energy points in the Craft. We don’t expect the moon to be full every night- She needs Her time to retreat and reflect, just as we need ours! I’d say you returned to your Craft right when you were ready to :+1:

Like others have said, feel free to take it slow. And experiment! Try new things that call to you, and if they don’t work- ditch 'em! There are an infinite areas of magick out there to explore, and no one I’ve ever met has mastered them all. You will find what clicks for you :blush:

Lots of love and blessed be- remember that although you are free to explore your own unique magickal path, your coven is here to cheer you on and support you however we can! We’re here and happy to help :infinite_roots: :sparkles:


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