Love is in the air! 💗

There are many ways on using magical oils in your magical workings. It’s a wonderful way to charge your candles for a specific spell. By anointing the candle with the correct oil, the oil will burn as the candle melts, thus releasing the energy of the oil into the universe, which in turn, helps to attract your desired results of the spell.

You can also place oil on certain parts of the body which require healing…or you can also use the oil to draw sigils onto the body.

Just make sure you are diluting essential oils properly. Most CAN NOT go directly onto the skin. A carrier oil is recommended; such as grape seed oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, sweet almond oil, or fractionated coconut oil.

Sweet almond oil is best for channeling positive energy. Grape seed oil is best for those with sensitive skin.

When you are mixing your own oils be sure to really think about what the oil means to you. What your intention is in using the oil. What is your desired outcome? Is it love? Luck? Protection?

What you need to make your oil blends:

Carrier oil - olive, almond, jojoba …etc.

Sterilized amber or dark blue glass container with lid. (These colors help with sunlight exposure - as sunlight can damage them and cause skin issues if you are u sing on your skin.)

Essential oils of your choice.

Dropper or pipette to help measure essential oils - not necessary though.

Since it’s February I’ll give you an oil you can either use on your body or use to anoint a candle for a self-love or love spell. :two_hearts:

2 Tablespoon carrier oil

3 Drops Lavender - love, healing, attraction, protection, peace & grounding

3 Drops Ylang Ylang - healing, love, harmony and sexual attraction

3 Drops Sweet Orange - clarity, confidence, fertility, happiness, joy, & success

2 Drops Patchouli - love, passion, purification, lust, aphrodisiac, and prosperity

If you want to make a bigger batch just double or triple the recipe.

Self-Love Ritual

Take a ritual bath! Soak in the tub at least 15 minutes! Add music to your space, burn some white candles, add Epsom salt, rose petals and lavender to your bath. While bathing think about all the things you love about yourself and your life.
Once you are done with your bath, dry off and wrap up in something warm.

Find a quiet space and have handy a rose quartz, pink candle, and your anointing oil.

Sit quietly for a few moments, and take three deep breaths in and out.

Place your pink candle on your sacred space (altar) wherever you are comfortable. Add your anointing oil (recipe above) to your candle and light it.

Repeat the following affirmations:

At this point if you have a sigil in mind, feel free to draw it with your anointing oil on your body if this feels right to you.

I deserve the very best in life.
I love myself.
I respect myself.
I am a good person.
I deserve love in my life.
As a love-bearing and centered person, I create happiness and joy in my life.

Once you are done, add a small sound of joy into your space with a chime, singing bowl, bell or play some music.

Snuff out your candle. Write down anything that came to you in a journal so that you can reflect on it later. If nothing came to you, that is OK too! :slight_smile:

Sit and repeat these affirmations & burn the candle down every day until it is gone.

Self love rocks and so do you! :heartpulse:

This is a self-love sigil I had come up with. Feel free to use it if you feel connected to it.

Blessed be.


I love this so much! :pray: Thanks for sharing!!

That sigil looks very powerful too. Looking at it, I see two sides of the self (“me” and “I” for example) being connected and reaching out to one another.

Incredible post @SilverBear ! I appreciate the recipe and detailed step-by-step ritual! :bath: :sparkles:


Thank you so much for sharing. Your post is beautiful and full of love and dedication to your craft. I can feel it coming through the post. Also, I’m kind of jealous at your sigil-drawing ability lol Mine never look that nice!


Thank you! Well, if it helps…YOUR sigil post inspired me to make that! :heartpulse: