Love my non-witchy friends!

As we do full time RV living, we are used to making friends and then them moving after their job is up and not seeing them again. We have made a few close friends that we keep in touch with and one drove through town today. His job ended and he’s going to a job in Louisiana before coming back this way to Bay City in a couple months. He stopped to hang out for the night and brought me this!

A large shedded snake skin! He knows I collect bones and said he thought of me when he say it cleaning out his shed.


Whoa- what a gift! :snake::sparkles: That was so thoughtful of him to think of you and make the effort to bring it your way.

Any plans for what you’ll use the snakeskin for yet? Spellwork or a decoration on the altar, perhaps?

Whatever you choose to use it for, enjoy! :heart:


That was so thoughtful! What an awesome gift!


I’ll likely put it on my Hades/Hel altar. I need to clean it and reorganize anyways. :rofl::wink:


Very cool! It’s great that you’re able to keep up with some of your friends.


Story of my life haha- I really ought to clean and organize my bookshelf area, but I’m dreading it :sweat_smile:

It’s a great time of year for some quality autumn cleaning, though- if I can work up the motivation, it’s a nice chance to cleanse, get rid of the old, and prepare for the new season! :broom::sparkles:

Good luck with your cleaning and reorganizing, and I’m sure They will love the gift! :snake::sparkles::blush:


That’s so awesome! :clap: I love witchy finds like that, and it’s even better when others see that we enjoy things like that. Snakeskin is a great thing to have on hand for lots of reasons.

I keep some on hand from our snakes!


I mean, witchy or not, I would love a gift like that! Very nice snake skin!

I was the kid who had deer antlers on their shelf and even now if I find a cool animal artifact (like a cool Ex-Eastern Hercules Beetle), I giddily add it to my collection of cool stuff.


Hercules beetles are so cool!! I don’t have anything that fancy, some rodent bones and snake verebrae, a few dead dragonflies, and the wings of a monarch butterfly I found on the beach (all ethically sourced, i.e. natural death).


I had never even seen one in person before but saw it on the sidewalk out of the corner of my eye on one of my runs. I always feel awkward stopping and putting a feather, flower, or dead bug in a plastic bag to take home, but it doesn’t stop me! :laughing:


I stick the feathers I find on walks with my dogs on my hair, lol. I know I get weird looks with them sticking out of my bun :rofl::rofl::woman_shrugging:


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