Lunar Magic - Moonrise and Moonset


Here is something that has been on my mind.
When meditating with lunar magic or setting intentions, does the moon have to be out?

I live somewhere where it almost never gets dark around Summer Solstice but is always dark around the winter solstice.

For example, today the moon rises 4:56 am and sets 9:36 pm, it is possible it will not be visible at all. All of this got me curious about the “moonlight” itself as the sun sets later than the moon as were getting closer to the solscitse. Sun sets at 10:05 pm already!


Walking under the moonlight and gazing at it is one of my favorite things to do!

If you’re a very visual person then yes, not being able to see the moon can make you sad! Me too! :hushed:

I recommend that you place an image or representation of the moon on your altar, Maybe a statue of the goddess Selene/Luna, or have a piece of Selenite (moonstone) to hold onto. Close the blinds and light a candle. :candle:

Also a mirror could represent the moon reflecting light and shining down onto you.

When you can’t find it, craft it! :full_moon:

PS: Welcome to the Forum, @margot!! Make yourself at home!


Thank you for the warm welcome, it is great to be here.

This has helped me clear my confusions about the matter, I am grateful for your time.

Have a good day/night, wherever you are :slight_smile:


I have a follow up query and I seem to be lost in finding this information on my own.

Making moonwater. Like today, when the new moon is out at the same time with the sun - should I be making moonwater when the moon has risen (daytime for me here) or when the sun has set or it does not matter?


Hello there :slight_smile:

I would make moon water when the moon has risen. Not being able to actually see the moon and the moon/sun being on the same schedule because of your geographical location doesn’t matter so much, in my opinion. As long as you set the intention for the water ahead of time - maybe make a sigil for the lid of the jar - that it will only be for the energy of the moon, you should be fine. :heart:


That’s right! Just like @MeganB said, I would draw a moon symbol :crescent_moon: on the bottle or the lid.

Place the water out while the Moon is out, even if the Sun is shining too. The most important thing is your intention!


It’s new moon again. I always come and visit this thread to read this again. I think what makes me feel a little unsure is the sentencing under instructions of how to make moon water:

“You don’t need to leave the water outside all night. A few hours is enough, but make sure to collect it before dawn, before the sunlight touches it.”

Why shouldn’t the sunlight touch it :thinking:
I do understand it is all about intention and I’ll follow through, it’s just the wording above that gives a little unease.


I totally get what you mean! Great question @margot :+1:

Whether the sun touches it or not, it’s really a matter of personal preference.

This only matters if you believe it matters. You can simply gather your water when you wake up, regardless of the time.

The reason it’s worded like that is to discourage a beginner from just leaving the water there and then forgetting about it until a week later when they find it… :clock1030:

Any blessing ritual requires to be mindful throughout, in this case throughout the night.

But the truth is that no recipe works for everyone. As you advance in your Craft, I encourage you to modify all and any recipes to suit your personal circumstances.

I really appreciate your feedback on the recipe. I will rethink and rewrite that bit! Thank you! :smiley:


Hello! I am here to give my thanks, again. I feel confident and at peace with my rituals and intentions due to knowing what I feel and sense. I read this back now with a big and loving smile, my very very first steps - I was so unsure!
Thank you for guiding me through this.


You’re very welcome! :hugs: It is always great to be able to look back on what we did when we began to help put where we are in perspective. Plus the confidence boost is great, too :partying_face:


Margot, that is so wonderful to read! Unbelievable that it’s been seven Full Moons since then.

Much love and happiness in this Snow Moon! :full_moon: Blessed be!