Mabon in Eastern Europe or how we call it "Golden Autumn"

In context of upcoming Mabon :corn: :fallen_leaf: and as a side discussion from main topic It's Almost Mabon - Autumn Equinox here in NH! :maple_leaf: :apple: I would like to share how this wonderful holiday is celebrated in my country. Yes, my country is a Christian Orthodox Country.
This holiday is celebrated starting from kindergarten, kids bring animal fruits and vegetables in the morning and all groups make a composition together. A mini Cornucopia Centrepiece.


At the end of the day kids can eat most of the fruits and vegetables, but this is an introduction to a more gratuitous celebration in school and high school.
When they get older, mostly girls, make their own costumes and defile on stage as Autumn Goddess (probably Mabon herself), getting prizes for best hand-made dress.

The whole celebration is accompanied by music, dance, a grand party, where children show off their talents at a concert, and parents are also invited.
School day is shorted, some lessons may even be skipped.

Also, unfortunately later, not exactly on the day of Autumn Equinox, but, Early October, we celebrate Wine Day… A massive city holiday … where you can taste new made wine from current year and try older wine as well.

This way we say our gratitude for harvest and abundance.
We all like Autumn for this traditions :maple_leaf: :orange_heart:


Oh I love all these festivals, it’s soon nice :sparkling_heart:


This is amazing- those beautiful crafts and outfits are astounding, such talented crafters! I would love to be able to make festive costumes like that :heart_eyes: :maple_leaf: :sparkles:

And wine day to sample local wines and enjoy the harvest? Sign me up- that sounds like lots of fun! :wine_glass: :grapes: :blush: :basket:

You have some truly amazing traditions where you are, @EvaCVM- thank you so much for sharing them! Wishing you and your loved ones a very happy and blessed “Golden Autumn”/Mabon :heart:


So beautiful. :black_heart: I’m nostalgic for home a little… :face_holding_back_tears:

I feel like there aren’t many “soulful” celebrations here. Actual holidays come off as being all about consumerism and the smaller local community celebrations feel done in a very perfunctory fashion, so I feel a little emptiness around these times.


Thank you so much. I appreciate your support, I feel proud when my country is praised. :hugs::purple_heart:


I love all of those outfits! :heart_eyes: Wish I had something like that to wear for this Saturday (Fall comes in at 2:50 a.m. for me on the 23rd).


All of this is so beautiful -thank-you for sharing :snowflake: :canada:


The hedgehogs are really cute. And I think the atmosphere must be so festive. So nice to peer into your world,


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