Mabon tattoo and celebrations

I prefer temporary tattoos to permanent ones. This one is perfect for Mabon and Ostara, I think.

I’m off tomorrow and plan to celebrate with a bonfire and some apple cider, then a small ritual on Wednesday. And of course, drawing down the moon tonight! Busy week, but fun!

What are others doing?


Where to find that cool ink art?


This is really lovely :heart_eyes:


Forgot to mention, they do custom temporary tattoos as well. So, you could make a sigil, upload it and have it made into a tattoo!


Now you are really getting me going I have something in mind already


That is very cool! And it sounds like you have some lovely plans! I’ll be staying at home but doing the solitary Mabon ritual. With some changes. No leaves big enough to write on here yet, at least not on the ground, it’s just the little leaves that have fallen.


Cool!! I love that concept and it’s a great design for a tattoo :+1:


Sounds like a lovely Mabon celebration- enjoy it, @Undomeher! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: And wow- that tattoo! You’re right, it’s a perfect symbol of balance for the Equinox :sun: :crescent_moon:

Wishing you a very blessed Sabbat! :partying_face: :apple:


Ooh, I wouldn’t be able to use that because I’d wanna keep it to look at!!! That’s so nice!!! I have to check out the link you shared where you got it. Thanks!


Ok it may be a stupid question so I’m sorry if it is but I’ve heard that phrase ’ drawing down the moon ’ before in a song but not known what that means… what does it mean to draw down the moon? Love the tattoo, very cool n yeah I prefer something less permenant so that is a great idea.


Drawing down the Moon is a ritual in which one invites the Goddess into oneself. That’s oversimplified, but the are many variations making it hard to define. Here’s some links to get you started, and then you can search the internet for what suits you.

Spells8 Draw down the Moon

Learn religions Draw Down the Moon


Thanks I’ll look into that. I’m curious about it and what it’s for, like the purpose of doing it or intention of it if that makes sense. And how that works. I’m really looking at intentions lately trying to live with intention so I guess that is coming out in alot of my explorations n questions that I ask myself. What is the intention behind this. The why question and then from there looking at the how to do it and who would be involved and what I need to achieve it lol I think this clarification came while I was exploring my elelemental magic bos last night. I have a deity one as well and started a days of week and want to start one with the moon cycles and I’ve been working on a record of the celebrations n work I’ve been doing or spells try etc in another which includes the sabbats as each occur. I’m thinking drawing down the moon might go under my deity bos… I think. I guess it depends on the intention of it. Lol I’m in full learning more lol lots of deep reflections . Thanks for sharing those links and helping me learn more about that.