Magic everyday and feathers 🪶

Continuing the discussion from :clock2: Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE ~ Catch-Up!: My post about my Altar.

After I posted it yesterday (take careful attention at the East section in square brackets I wrote “and maybe feathers”…:feather:
In the morning I almost stepped on a feather, obviously I look it to decorate the altar, but what are the Odds? My element - AIR - presenting it’s own symbol for the altar.
I am impressed. I am excited.

Has it happened to you before?

Blessed be everyone :sparkles:


It’s so wonderful that you stumbled into a feather right when you needed one! Do you know what kind of bird the feather might have come from? :smile:

I have a small collection of feathers that were sent to me by the witch who helped me make a wand. Fortunately, my cats never touch them. :black_cat:

We used to have birds visit all the time when we lived in a house, so there were always feathers everywhere. But now that we’re in an apartment, much less so.

While it’s not feathery and I probably mentioned it recently, when I embraced the path of witchcraft, a black butterfly visited my balcony. I was bewildered about how it made its way up here - the strength it may have needed to fly so high. And there hasn’t been a single butterfly up here before or since. :butterfly:

In less exciting matters, there are many times when I’ll say to my partner that we need so-and-so, and we will somehow receive that thing shortly after. I generally don’t even keep track of this happening anymore.

However, a recent example was when my partner’s old computer started to look like it might need replacing. The CPU and RAM just weren’t cutting it anymore. I said that we would look into buying one after I next got paid.

Then, the next day, one of my old coworkers messaged me to say he was selling his almost new computer and the price he was asking for was insanely low. He said he knew I was good with computers, as we used to share photos of our custom loops together, and trusted me to take it and not cause problems down the line, hence the great price.

He mentioned not causing problems because, with custom builds, you have to be careful of who you sell to. You can get a situation where an inexperienced person will mess something up and blame you for it. Such a thing can be very expensive, especially if you have to ship the computer.

Anyway, I also trusted him to give me a well-built computer because of said sharing as well. So again, things just worked out so well, and the timing was perfect.

As for other examples, sometimes, if it’s because my partner’s family or our friends deliver something we need, I ask if they asked them for it. They almost always say they didn’t and I believe them. On the one hand, my partner hates asking for gifts, favours, or help, so it’s unlikely they’ve done so unprompted. On the other hand, my partner doesn’t ever outright lie and especially not to me. They may lie by omission, but they’ll never lie when asked. In this way, they are “virtuous to a fault.” :joy:


I think it is a pigeon feather. It is white with beige notes at the top.

I like how destiny gives you exactly what you need at the perfect time. It is a blessing. :sparkles:


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