Magical Properties of Mango 🥭

:mango: Magical Properties of Mango :mango:

Latin Name: Magnifera Indica

Folk Name: Food of God

Gender: Feminine

Elements: Fire :fire:, Air :dash:

Planets: Mars, Venus

Ruling Signs: Aries :aries:, Sagittarius :sagittarius:

Dirties That Rule Mango: Ambika, Ganesha, Saraswati

Chakras: Sacral :orange_heart:, Solar Plexus :yellow_heart:

:mango: Magical Properties: :mango:

Family Reconnection:
•Enchant and send mangos to your family members to help them remember the happy moments they’ve all had together.
•Hang and enchant a wreath made from the dried leaves

•Enchant and drink the juice before performing rituals for fertility.
•Use mango body butter to massage and empower your belly.

•Plant the seed to call long- term friends to your side.

•Enchant the fruit with visions of happy moments before you eat it to give yourself optimism.

Inner-Child Healing:
•When preparing for shadow work or after completing shadow work, enchant the fruit for healing and happiness. Eat while remembering happy moments.

•Smell or wear the blossoms :cherry_blossom: and ask for divine inspiration.

•Wear Wear mango scented oil or make mango dishes for your partner to inspire romance :wedding:

•Plant the seed to help yourself establish roots in a new location or community.

•Annoint your Third Eye with the blossom :cherry_blossom: oil to call in wisdom during an Esbat or full moon :full_moon_with_face:.

:mango: Mangos Medicinal Properties :mango:

•When used alongside and with your doctor’s recommendations, this fruit has been seen as effective against:
•Birth Defects
•Digestive Issues
•Heart Issues

:warning: Warnings :warning:
• Talk to your doctor before consuming if you’re diabetic!
• Do not consume if you have an allergy!


My belly started rumbling reading this!