Magical PROPOSAL 😮

Had to share this with all you


Who all would say yes if your special someone did something like this?

I don’t have a special someone, so I’d consider it a sweet set of tricks.


I would. But then, I would say yes anyway. :sweat_smile:

My proposal was so much more mundane. I tricked my partner into getting ice cream with me in the city, and we “coincidentally” ended up in the area where we’d hang out when we started talking again. We sat down in that area on some benches and…

I struggled to find the ring in my tiny, tiny pocket which had nothing else in it other than the ring in a little pouch. How could I be so clumsy?!

It took me half a minute to grab it awkwardly. And to top it off, while I was doing so, they were watching.

They asked me, “Are you proposing?” (They were sure that I would never.)

I said, “No.” :woman_facepalming:

Then, when I finally grabbed it, “Actually… Yes, I am.”


This is a little over the top for me, but it’s very sweet and I’d say yes!

@starborn That is so sweet :purple_heart::heart::blush:

My 1st marriage proposal wasn’t really a proposal. I told him we were getting married and he said “ok” :rofl::laughing:

With my current husband there was a real proposal. It wasn’t a surprise because I wanted to use my grandma’s engagement ring. Picked out new setting, etc…
I told my husband he still had to propose and I wanted that to be a surprise. I got home from work and put my jammies on as I usually did. I had just parked my butt on the couch and my husband asks me to go in the kitchen. I get up with a huff and there he is with flowers and a ring. He did the whole get down on one knee. He did it in front of my boys because he wanted them included. It was very sweet. He proposed on the 1st day of spring. We both love spring! Every year he gets me flowers!


I enjoy reading about y’all’s proposals. They are sweet, especially this time of year.