Magickal Moon Water!

So today, after I had prepared my moon water on 7th January’s night; my mind was as usual playing tricks with me! I was constantly getting the thoughts like, “has my prayer to The Moon been answered?”, “is my moon water actually containing its magick and powers!?”, “what if I did something wrong?” And stuff like that. So basically, I was lacking in my faith and belief! Which usually never happens! It was very very disturbing to me. Ultimately, I decided to pull a few cards to my silly questions. As I pulled them or picked out from the Tarot of The Divine deck by Yoshi Yoshitani, I was stunned! Take a look…

It is clear here that the moon water is indeed gifted with the Moon’s Magick!! And also that the six of cups could indicate the 6th of Jan full wolf moon! As that was the year’s first full moon which blessed my moon water! I am so happy and feel blessed that I can not put in words…
Also, I adoooore this deck like anything! It’s a beautiful deck with extraa pretty visuals! I just wanted to share my happiness with my magical family too! I also welcome others’ opinions on the meaning of the cards…blessed be!! :sparkles:


That seems like a pretty clear reading that your moon water is blessed- congrats on the successful crafting, and the successful reading too! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

It’s an absolutely gorgeous deck- I think @Siofra_Strega has this one too? Absolutely beautiful cards, they have such happy and bright energy to them :flower_playing_cards: :sparkles:

May your moon water serve you well, @Solasta_Amore! Do you have any plans yet for how you’d like to use it? :blush:


Oh wow, that’s such an amazing reading! I think that’s amazing thing to have, especially when you were doubting yourself and the Moon Water :pray: