Magickal Portents?

Not really a spell…but, whatever. More of a magickal morning that I thought I would share.

In this morning’s Pinterest notifications was a blog post from Otherworldly Oracle about wearing your magic. It was of course directed at female folks, so I went in search of my own way to do this. Saw that Tuesday is associated with red. I wasn’t too sure how to make this work, but figured I’d would worry about it later.

I anointed a new pillar candle for general magickal success, protection and relationship success and did my morning ritual honoring Danu. After the ceremony stuff and some informal talk I drew a card from my Green Man Tree Oracle deck, answering the question “What would it benefit most to keep in mind today.” The card I drew was Rowan, the interpretation of which (according to the accompanying book) was “You are protected from harm.” I could feel a sense of warmth and love flow from my neck to my spine.

As I enjoyed this, my gaze fell upon a sphere of clear quartz on my altar. I allowed my gaze to soften, though I haven’t really explored crystal balls. I got a very clear image of a waning crescent moon. That tripped me out - is someone trying to tell me something? Perhaps to expect something to arrive around March 26, 27? Or to be ready for Ostara?

Still marvelling over the feeling of protection and possible message, I stepped onto my deck to test the weather and finish my orange juice. I saw a black cat running down a fallen tree in the side lot. The cat was moving away from the place where I had left an offerring for Hekate, by a tree in a y shaped conjunction of streambeds - a kind of crossroads. A moment later I saw movement, and saw a bluebird sitting on the branch of an oak tree that I have made some offerrings at and included in my magick. No sooner had I noticed this, when the “neighbor’s” dogs barked hello behind where I was facing (they’re about a 1/4 mile or so away). As I raised my glass in greeting I saw a bright red cardinal in an evergreen tree.

So today I am wearing blue jeans, a red shirt under a gray sweater, and black boots.

One thing is a coincidence. A collection of coincidences is no coincidence. Are these signs that my magickal workings are taking effect and moving to another level? Is Something coming into my life later this month?


Mate, I do believe so. Too many natural occurrences to be worried about “reading into something”. Nature is surely answering your asks. You’ve done the work and now will surely reap the benefits. I look forward to hearing about the good fortune headed your way :blush:


:blush: I’ll keep you updated!


Wow. Sounds like you had a magical morning! And yeppers, it sounds like something good is coming your way!


@Undomeher Your post describes my life. I think you are very empathic and perceive signals coming from many places. It could be your deity, higher self or another protective spirit guiding you forward.

I used to have so many synchronicities before I moved out of the big city. I wasn’t even actively looking and found messages in everything. Now I live surrounded by nature, but funny enough, get most of my connections in dreams.

My interpretation of your maickal portents is that you as long as you see things for what they truly are, you’ll live your truest life. Blessed Be