Magickal Timing

Many magickal and Alchemical references site the importance of aligning the Earth’s orbit, revolution on it’s axis, moon phases, etc in practical magic. Whether it be creating sigils, candle or poppet magick, or rituals, magicians of all realms, even Hodoo, claim the importance of the 'timing of the thing".

Here’s a good article that discusses Magickal Timing

Also, there are several websites commonly available that provide hourly and daily Chaldean Calendar planetary information and even handy-dandy calculators. For example, let’s say you wish to hold a ritual exalting or requesting better communication between groups or individuals. You may want to consider holding that ritual on a Wednesday at Mercury hour.
Or say, you want to cast a money spell, performing it during Jupiter hours on a Thursday may increase its potency.

"Planetary Hours

Each hour is largely said to be optimal for things related to the characteristics of the Planetary day, such as:

  • Hour of the Sun - Good for making presentations, public speaking, things related to social status, dealing with authority

  • Hour of the Moon - Good for things that are likely to change or are not intended to be permanent, for increased intuition, imagination, and creativity

  • Hour of Mercury - Good for logical thinking, mental alertness, speaking, signing documents, sending important mail, fixing tech problems

  • Hour of Venus - Optimal for social occasions, love, romance, marriage, beauty, financial matters, or to reconcile conflicts

  • Hour of Mars - Good for activities that require exertion, boldness, courage and action (beware that Mars can also be confrontational!)

  • Hour of Jupiter - Jupiter hours are optimal for good luck or growth in any activity, including spiritual work

  • Hour of Saturn - Good for organisation, breaking unwanted habits, dealing with responsibilities, and contemplation/meditation" Credit Two Wander


Ohhhh I always love checking out a new calculator! :grinning: This seems like a helpful tool in determining times for rituals based on the planets :+1:

Unless I’ve specifically heard something about planetary influences (like when @Abs53 shares her very helpful Forecasts :star2:), the only planets I tend to work with at the moment are the sun and the moon.

I’d be really interested in incorporating more of the planets, but I’ll have to work on the times- jumping across time zones so often for my travels means that remembering times in tandem with locations makes my head spin, even without getting the planets involved! :sweat_smile:

Regardless, this is an awesome resource and I’m grateful that you shared it, @Wysteria_Norn! Thank you! :heart::pray:


I don’t work with planetary hours too much, but I’ve thought about incorporating them a bit! I tend to do more folk-based practices and just do spells when I need them lol

I used to have an app on my phone that would tell me the different planetary hours for the day. I redownloaded it for the sake of finding out what it was called lol It’s called Planetary Times!

Thank you for the reminder about utilizing planetary hours in spellwork. It’s not something I normally do, but I look forward to more experiments with it!


This is so cool! I’m not sure that I have the organization in my life to really make this work, but it’s fascinating! I think I may need the hour of Saturn in my life every single day!


There are several good ones available online, like yours and the one hyperlinked in the post. It may come in handy for those practitioners who are finding that spells or rituals aren’t working either as potently or even at all.


Another thing I should have added concerns those who utilize Palmistry, Sigils, etc in their practice. We know through the centuries-old practice of acupuncture that, medically and scientifically, there are pressure points located throughout the body with effects at other locations, and I am a firm believer in Quantum Biology. So, 'Where it hurt none, do as thou wilt."

The planets are represented on the palm, each finger represents one of the elements, and the hands themselves have significance (shape, left or right, dexterity…). etc.

So, using the Mount of Jupiter, or the Mount of the Moon on their corresponding day and hour may also add benefits.

Here is one link with separate, well-defined sections.
Also, Spells8 has a fantastic section, if not more, discussing Palmistry use in Magick.

Thank you