MahJong Reading example

This is what a MahJong oracle reading looks like.
There are more tiles not showing here and there are not tiles seeking protection from 2 special set of tiles.


Middle tile: Question

Bottom tiles: East/ personality, myself.
Left & right, external and middle, internal.

Top tiles(west) represent: left/right:problem, Middle: solution.
West represents business or partner.

3 tiles on the left(Winter), represent the North.
Either outcome or answer not available yet.

3 tiles in the Right(South): immediate future, things beginning to unfold.

There are bamboo, circle, wand tiles, the 4 coordinates & 4×4 guardians( 4 flowers & 4 professions).
144 tiles, very simple😊

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Usually reading best beginning of the year, each tile represents a month.
Middle tile: value 0.

So basically, middle tile: dragon=lucky strike!

East: I tend to rush, tortoise advices to proceed slowly( it belongs in the North, the outcome.

South, next left:business-event-news or travel across water.

West-top: tiger- -authority/ jade: money?
Middle=event( check South)
In ancient China was more expensive than gold.

Finally North: land= business or moving to another place. Begging= this could represent the fool card.
Insect represents a lot of activity.
Around June will receive some news, might have to deal with a solicitor, travel to another Country and find out what needs to be done.
Circle is not complete, may continue well into next year.
There’s not white tile yet: documents, job or death.
Dragon means good news.
Mushrooms represent immortality or something that will catch my attention.
The tortoise advice to relax, all will unfold by the end of the year.
As you can see, such fun!

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Fancy a free reading?, let me know.:blush:

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In ancient China there was Mag Jong set for men, and different set for women.
Usually made of ivory.
Game could last days.
Good example playing the game, can be seen in the film: In the Mood for love.
Long film, personally consider it close to a masterpiece.
But have to be in the mood to watch it!:smiley:

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Playing Mahjong is Good Exercise for Your Brain.


Thanks for showing/explaining what mahjong is :mahjong:I had no clue.


There’s more to it… What I love about Mahjong is that offers advice.
If you get things moving, things will change.
Is the mother of all oracle’s and table games.
These 2 readings are completely different.
Was concerned that 2nd. reading would apply to me, but got greatly surprised.

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This was so interesting! Thank you @basil!