Mahjongg Oracle, must have it?

First of all, the pictures:

Can spot the difference?:thinking:
My book is hardback and has a cardboard box.
The one I just bought is paperback without box.
But instead got that beautiful box you seen already, some of you anyway!
There are 144 cards or tiles, you get 4 tiles of each symbol; except: the seasons:
Fisherman-Spring; Woodcutter-Summer; Farmer-Autumn; Scholar-Winter. & the flowers: Almond blossom-Spring; Orchid-Summer; Chrysanthemum-Autumn; Bamboo-Winter. (8 guardians), one of each.
There are 3 main groups:Each has 9 different tiles, as follows:
Bamboo tiles, Disc tiles & WAN tiles.
Then, East, Summer, Autumn & Winter, Commence, Centre & White (7 different tiles).
I have never used 4 white tilesin my readings as I understood they were replacement tiles, but will include in future.
The tiles do not look or feel like Tarot cards.
I place them upsidedown on the table, mix them around using both hands. I pick 13 tiles at random, form a circle and place the 13 tiles inside the circle(like an island).
I pic first card(centre): represents the question, value 0.
Then, turn the cards from the East sector.
Left and right are external influences, middle card deep or hidden.
East represents also you and spring, from Jan. to March. You read them as 1-3-2.
Turn each tile and find meaning before going on the next one.


I like how this flows it looks like a lovely deck


I wander if I can add extra cards to clarify a reading when the available cards don’t give enough information.
Never done it before!


This is gorgeous, @Basil- thank you so much for the helpful pictures and explanation about the set! I love seeing the beautiful drawings, and your explanation for how you read them is very informative :+1:

I’m so happy for you- it looks like you found yourself a really nice oracle! :sparkles::mahjong: Enjoy them! :blush:

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