Making 'easter' cookies subtly pagan

So ive been loking at cottage witchery and thinking of how can incorporate more magic into everyday things around the home.
Today i had a cookie decorating day with my family for easter.
I decorated my cookies in a way that was able to subtly make them pagan but adding runes for all of them. The bunny with the Berkano necklace and the Dagalaz runes on basket were more subtle but the others to anyone who didnt know just looked like i put random letters or designs but to me i knew they were runes and i was anle to practice a way to incorporate runes into cooking. Or as least decorating. And as cottage witxhcraft incorporates both kitchen and green witchcraft id be excited to see what other thinhs can do. Ive been reflecting on making this place feel more like a santuary and sacred grove and im excited to think of all ideas of things could do. But yeah it was nice to be able to even in a small way make the cookie decorating for easter more appropriate to my own path without making any of family uncomfortable or upset. Whixh was nice.


I love it! :clap: I do this when I cook sometimes, too lol awesome job! And they look like they taste delicious :yum:


These look great! I bet they’re yummy too!


Those look awesome @Phoenix_Fire and are so beautifully decorated! :pink_heart: :yellow_heart: :green_heart:


They are sooo cute and witchy with all those runes and symbols! :heart_eyes: :triquetra: I loooooove them dear @Phoenix_Fire!! :hugs: (Also that my mouth is watering…side effects of being a sweet tooth! :drooling_face: :sweat_smile:)
:blue_heart: :pink_heart: :yellow_heart: :green_heart:
Blessed be my dear cookie witch! :wink: :cookie: :sparkles:


A very creative way to add some magick to your cooking- these cookies are beautiful, @Phoenix_Fire! You’ve really got talent for decorating :blush:

Hope you and your family had a lovely holiday! :egg: :sparkling_heart: Blessed be!


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