Making gem water

Merry meet and good morning.

I want to make gem water but I cannot find my glass water infuser. Can I use my stainless steel infuser glass bottle instead with a clear crystal quartz? All my research this morning just wants to sell me a new water bottle which I don’t need if I can use the stainless steel infuser.

Blessed be and TIA )O(


I honestly don’t see why not? :face_with_monocle:

If you’re worried about the stainless steel affecting it, I don’t think it will. However, I also don’t make gem infusions so :woman_shrugging: I’m not that much help :laughing:


LOL that sounds about right! :laughing:

I agree with Megan, it sounds like it wouldn’t make any difference.

@SilverBear posted an interesting topic about making Gem water a while back. Perhaps she can help with this! See: Crystal Elixirs - How to's, Cautions, and Magick


That would work fine.


@Francisco thanks :kissing_heart: I thought I had seen something on the elixirs but couldn’t find it. I did go ahead and use my stainless steel infuser and the water tastes sweet so it didn’t affect it at all as far as I can see. I have more energy this morning that I have had in a few days. We have been dealing with something very dark here and it’s been challenging for both my husband and I. Thanks for all the information and quick answers.

Love, light, and Blessings of the Goddess to all.


Spring is almost here. The darkness is going to pass very soon! Charge your water with only positive intentions :pray:

Best wishes to both of you, Tracy!