Making Valentine's Day Magical [VIDEO]

Valentine’s Day is an international celebration of love, relationships, and romance. As a witch, you can spice up your Valentine’s Day with a little bit of magic!


I loved your video! I don’t have a romantic partner but I still get excited about Valentine’s Day and I love the idea of constructing an altar that’s all about love and the spirit of the day, making a special meal, etc. Great tips, Megan!

Also thanks for introducing the topic of sex magick and what it is. I was curious about that. I read a bit more about it and it dispelled my misconceptions about it. :slight_smile:


All wonderful tips for celebrating Valentine’s Day with a touch of magick- this video has something for everyone, there are really valuable tips here! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thanks so much for all this great info and celebration ideas, @MeganB- Happy (early) Valentine’s Day! :cupid: :rose::chocolate_bar: :sparkles:


Thank you @mary25 :heart: It’s definitely a day that can be celebrated no matter relationship status! Also, I’m glad to know I helped dispel a bit of misconceptions about sex magic. Maybe one day that will get a video on its own lol

@TheTravelWitch_Bry Thank you! Happy (early) Valentine’s dot you, too :rose:


MeganB, you are a great teacher! I have learned so much from you since joining Spell8. I have such respect for you! You have made me feel so much more comfortable with myself.

Thank you for being you :sunflower: :rose: :shamrock: